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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Exploring a Network Cancer Part II: The analyst and radio show host compares union bosses to plantation owners


Cross posted with permission from The Liberal Examiner

Scott Walker able to hold on in the Wisconsin recall election, Republicans and conservatives across the country are gearing up for the November election and are prepared to attack union workers more than ever. Conservatives often attack unions and their workers because the union demands fair wages for the employee. Private sector unions negotiate with the business owners to create a balance of equal pay and treatment in the workplace. Public sector unions negotiate with the local governments to create the same fair balance between worker and employee, in the public sector case, the state and local government.

One of the best conservative outlets that the Republican party uses to get its message out is talk radio. With voices like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, the airwaves are overwhelmed by the conservative agenda. One of the hottest young voices on the right is CNN analyst, Dana Loesch. Loesch holds a leadership position with the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, is the editor in chief of "Big Journalism," a blog created by the late, Andrew Breitbart and is a prominent conservative talk radio host. On her radio show this week, Loesch went on a rant against unions and their bosses, claiming that not only are the unions stealing their worker's money, but that the union bosses are just like plantation owners.
"This is exactly what it comes down to. You have 7% of the work force goated on by fat cats union bosses that live out of state. Union bosses are the modern day plantation owners, they are, make no mistake about that. I know it's a charged statement, is it inaccurate? No. You've got these guys that glean millions of dollars off the backs of working families and they have the audacity to go out there and try to hold private sector workers hostage because these fat cat union bosses made promises under the table with these politicians with somebody else's cash money"
The conservative agenda and political spin of blaming unions just doesn't match up to the facts. Unions are the reason working Americans enjoy a 40 hour work week, time off on the weekend, safe working conditions and a fair salary. Conservatives align themselves with big business, so it's typical to look at anyone who would take away from the bottom line of a business in a negative way. Unions force either the business or the government, to pay their employees a fair and living wage. Workers who are not part of a union also reap the benefits because the unions force other employers to match their wage scale. Since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, the war on unions has been strong and the Republican party has kept up the fight ever since.
With voices like Dana Loesch, the American people are falling into a trap set by the corporate agenda that the Republican party continues to promote. Republicans and big corporations have found a way to turn low and middle class Americans against each other, while the wealth passes them by on its way to the top 1%. If a fair democracy is what the United States is all about, then democracy in the workplace shouldn't be attacked.

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