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Monday, June 4, 2012

GOP Pundits have trouble defending voter suppression! Micheal Steele even denies it as a racist act.


If you wish to see just how a paid pundit works, we offer the perfect example.   The pundit is currently under contract with MSNBC, a mostly progressive media network.  The pundit has been the past Chair of the RNC and we can assume the pundit is well entrenched in GOP election strategy.   The Pundit is Michael Steele.

Steele is paid by MSNBC as a news show contributor; meaning he is paid to appear upon request, and it is safe to assume to provide GOP perspective on issues. The arrangement works well as the MSNBC Left-wing hosts and guest take turns running the GOP into the dirt. Of course, yo are saying, most things GOP are already in the dirt. Well, yes but Steele has to play the middle of the road, half sane, Jekyl and Hyde pundit.  Actually, he provides a necessary service because most republicans politicians, pundits and GOP operatives will never agree to appear on MSNBC.   Why would they when they can visit across the street in New York City and sit for the softest of interview imaginable? Steele fills a symbiotic relationship with MSNBC; both parties need each other to assist and entertain viewers.  Steel also provided a bit of sanity during the dark periods of NBC employment of Pat Buchanan.   

While providing more intellectual insight into the GOP perspective than Buchanan, it seems that Steele has far greater talents at sitting on national television with millions of viewers and almost straight faced lie.  

This Sunday Morning's Up/Chris Hayes show devoted significant time to lengthy discussion of  GOP Voter suppression.  If you locate  video of the show  you will see a stark contrast in Steele. He sat quietly while two authors thoroughly and very civilly dismantled modern conservatism as a national illness.  Steele did not utter one word as he listened to two people he must have considered learned and well able to unfavorably discuss his party.  As soon as the discussion moved to voter suppression, Steele appeared a bit uneasy, but unable to avoid his role on the panel: defend the GOP.  

The following link navigates to a Up/ Chris Hayes four minute segment of Steele and total lies as he claims the GOP is not perpetrating voter suppression as a form of racism towards Latinos and African-Americans. 

If you are not aware of the level and extent of historic and current GOP voter suppression, you are probably one that spends far too much time watching Fox News.  

The GOP is masterful at winning elections. As evident s far back as the early 1970's GOP election malfeasance has been well documented, unfortunately after Nixon was busted, but well documented after the elections results are validated without opportunity for reversal.  The most tragic example as stated in the video and in video  embedded below,  was the election of George W. Bush in 2000. GOP voter suppression helped Bush win Florida. If Bush had lost Florida an AL Gore Administration probably would not have included two wars and ill advised (tragic) tax cuts for the nations wealthy.  Gore might have characteristically administered with an SEC which may have paid closer attention to Wall Street and the mortgage (sub-prime) lending greed.  Gore certainly would not have appointed "cherry-picked" incompetent directors for key roles in say FEMA-New Orleans. " are doing a heck-ev-a job Browine". Bush praised, as people die in the street of New Orleans form the floods of failed levees. And, it would not take much to realize that Gore without doubt would not have ignored clear warnings of Al Qaeda attacks inside the US of A. 

Voter Suppression is a major step back in our Representative Democracy.  If you are an American conservative, how comfortable is it to realize that you have elected people who promised jobs, jobs, jobs, and upon taking office immediately started to deprive certain American of their rights?  Think of the 90 plus year old WW II veteran who will appear in the Lawrence O'Donnell video to follow.  As you sit and watch Hannity, O'Reilly and Van Sustren, you will not see video of deep voter suppression.

Before the video take a quick look  at a Melissa Harris-Perry graphic of  a GOP" Shock and Awe' strategy to win states in the 2012 Election. 

All the states highlighted in green—an unprecedented number—introduced legislation in 2011 that will restrict access to voting in this year's presidential election.  

Among the following video, you will also her comment about the absolute lack of need for Neo-con efforts to stifle votes of the Democratic Party.  They will even sacrifice votes for their party for saturation suppression of certain (or probable) votes for Democrats.  

Micheal Steele can sit and disavow what the majority of Americans clearly see as suppression of minority votes. Suppression of votes against people of color is, yes Micheal Steele, a clear and unadulterated racist act. 

Ed Schultz on voter suppression

Al Sharpton on voter uppression

Lawrence O'Donnell on voter suppression (w/90 year old WW II vet)

Meilssa_Harris-Perry segment on suppression. (video included)


While certainly would not expect Steele to sit as a person of color and admit to the racist impact of voter suppression, I think it complete disingenuous for him to sit an act as if he is taken aback when others state such.

Shame on Steele, shame on the GOP and shame on any conservative Independent who find suppression acceptable.

It is not an example of what you folks like to call, "American Exceptionalism". 

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