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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Lost Black Man Part II: The Insanity Report (March 2010)

The Insanity Report Dot Com uses A Soldiers Story (Denzel  Washington and  cast) to illustrate loathing at its very worst.
This screed is the promised in, The Lost Black Man Part I Post.  It is a cross post from The Insanity Report Dot Com web page and it is just over two years old.  

The vast majority of African-American's wholeheartedly respect the personal preferences of other African-Americans when one considers social and political preferences. We do so knowing an overwhelming majority of black people, due to a changed political  climate and politics of the GOP, are inclined to support the Democratic Party. Sure, we hear the arguments about how the Democrats use African-Americans for political expedience, and some may very well believe that assertion. For me, I lay my hat where I am most comfortable. There is no one in the nation who can point to the US poli/social Right and show me areas where there is true interest in minority rights.  One only has to watch the vile utterances of people like (from Part I) Jackson, Limbaugh, Neal Borowitz and many others to see there is no respect for the black community in the political right.  And there is even less for the nation's first African-American President. The Lost Black Man: Part I  One has to only watch the news of secret email from GOP officials that are purely racist and of vile demeaning intent.  I will retract all that I have just stated if anyone can point me to evidence of voter suppression from the Democratic Party. 

Yet the self-loathing Jackson does not write about ills of his party; he writes about a President who has done nothing deserve being compared to a Section 8 tenet (See The Lost Black Man Part I). 

As stated above the following screed is just over two years old. I suspect it was written as the likes of Jackson and other of his ilk, emerged from obscurity after of the election of Barack Obama. As opportunity president itself, there is always a 'carnival barker' there to attract the unknowing and the inclined to believe and yes the outright gullible.

Kevin Jackson: Anatomy of a Self Loathing Black Man

March 25, 2010 By Kriss

“You know the damage one ignorant Negro can do? We were in France in the first war; we’d won decorations. But the white boys had told all them French gals that we had tails. Then they found this ignorant colored soldier, paid him to tie a tail to his ass and run around half-naked, making monkey sounds. Put him on the big round table in the Cafe Napoleon, put a reed in his hand, crown on his head, blanket on his shoulders, and made him eat *bananas* in front of all them Frenchies. Oh, how the white boys danced that night… passed out leaflets with that boy’s picture on it. Called him Moonshine, King of the Monkeys. And when we slit his throat, you know that fool asked us what he had done wrong?”

So yesterday I was sitting at home, minding my own business, not bothering anyone or getting into EPIC twitter rants or anything like that…………okay I’m lying my ass off.   I was on edge all day yesterday.  Hell, I’ve been on edge since Health Care reform was passed on Sunday.  Stories about how Tea Party protesters treated Civil Right’s legend John Lewis and gay congressman Barney frank were imbued into my mind.  How do you call civil rights icon Jon Lewis a nigger?  How do you shout out “faggot” to Barney frank?  How do you spit on congressman Cleaver?  Civil discourse is one thing but that’s just taking it too far.  Then it got worse.  I read about how Rep. Tom Perriello’s brother and his family were threatened after a gas line at their house was found to be severed.  The calls and threats left on PRO-LIFE Democrat Bart Stupak’s phone. All this after Democrats passed a fairly moderate Health Care Reform bill.  Not the Iraq war.  Not the Patriot Act.  But heath care reform.  If you feel this bill was too big or does too much that’s fine, we can debate that.  But the IDEA of the bill is to protect life.  To give those in this country who don’t have access to life saving insurance a fighting chance.  We can debate the merits of the bill but to direct such anger and bigotry at members of Congress for voting for this bill is just unacceptable.
So needless to say after all of that, I was at DEFCON 2.
I then began to wonder where all the black republicans were to condemn these acts.  As far as I’m concerned remaining silent while these acts of bigotry and threats are happening is just as wrong as those that are committing them, especially when that silence is due to fear of what it would cost politically.  Then it happened.  The moment that moved me ever so closely to going full nuclear attack.  Someone directed me to Kevin Jackson’s twitter page.   Jackson is a black tea party member and the creator of  After reading his twitter page, his website and seeing him on MSNBC…things took a turn for the worse.  Take a look at Kevin’s interview yesterday on MSNBC with David Shuster:
I don’t know what’s worse:  The fact that Jackson is basically calling Reps. Lewis, Cleaver & Frank liars (even though there is video evidence to prove what happened), his claim that “Well they don’t lynch anyone at the Tea Party rallies I go to so they aren’t racist”  or that democratic “operatives” are throwing bricks through their own windows and blaming Tea Partiers
Kevin Jackson fits the description of the “sellout” that everyone thinks of when you hear the words “black republican” or “black conservative”.  I had no idea who Kevin Jackson was yesterday but the more I learn and the more i realize he exemplifies the self loathing complex some of these people have.  To him, black people are only democrats because they want a hand out from the government.  The Democratic Party is the “great enabler” that strives to keep blacks down and keep them begging for help.  It’s a basic right wing talking point that he’s swallowed whole and is now regurgitating in an attempt to sell his book and make a name for himself.
It’s this type of black republican that makes me irate.  You know, the self hating/loathing piece of shit kind. I’m beginning to understand this type.  Unlike the few moderate black republicans that I do respect, these kind of black republicans aren’t in it because they believe in the conservative philosophy but rather because it affords them the opportunity to be different.  These were the black kids who growing up took shit for being “too smart” or “talking white.”  They were picked on and shunned by their peers.  Now that’s a story I can relate to because the same thing happened to me.  But unlike them,  I don’t hold resentment to my own race.  I didn’t climb the ladder of success and then kick it away and scream down to those below ‘See, I made it on my own without handouts…you should too.”  It’s like some syndrome were they feel so much disgust for their own race, that they run to white people for acceptance.  And because they are so ready to bad mouth the people who put them down, i.e. other blacks, white republicans support them.  The Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaughs and Sean Hannity’s of the GOP trot these black republicans out to tell their “story” about how they grew up poor and were teased and joked for wanting to learn and achieve.  Then some great white republican hero comes into their lives and “shows them the right way” and well…here they are.  As someone on Twitter put it…it’s ‘The Blind Side’ but without Sandra Bullock.
But here’s the ironic thing.  That whole “I made it on my own without handouts” or “My race has nothing to do with what I am” statements are far from the truth. The truth is, these types of black republicans didn’t get to where they are because of their own hard work.  No, it’s rather because they happen to be black people who support an agenda of racism, classism and bigotry displayed by certain groups in the Republican party.  It’s hilariously ironic that these same people who run away from their race and pride themselves in “Not getting handouts” are only in their positions solely because of their race.  Its just another version of affirmative action that these fools so oft rant about.  The GOP/Tea Party movement use these people to explain away their racism by trotting them out on some “See, we have black friends” attempt and in return they let the turncoats sit at the table with them and get their table scraps.  Of course this is only after the GOP gets itself in trouble.  After President Obama kicked their asses in 2008, Republicans vote for a black party chairman in Michael Steele.  Of course they continually tell him to “stay in his place” and “remember his role” because it’s not to run the party…but rather to have a black face to say “See, we are diverse.”  Same thing with the Tea Party movement.  After failing to condemn the escalating bigotry against well respected congressmen (particularly a Civil Rights icon) the GOP is now inviting resident house Negroes like Kevin Jackson into the plantation house to help “fix” the GOP’s image. Give me a break.
And that’s just par for the course.  As much as black republicans like Jackson will claim that the Democratic party is using blacks, the truth is the GOP is pimping him out against his own people and he’s barely getting anything in return.
Look at what Jackson’s bio says in his book.  He calls himself the “Black Glenn Beck.” Ignoring the fact that he’s aspiring to be a guy who was a drug addicted college dropout and now misinforms people daily about history he doesn’t understand, if Jackson is the black Glenn Beck  where is his $30 million contract?  How come Limbaugh makes $400 million?  If the republican party is where you need to be at, if they are inviting African Americans and minorities…why don’t any blacks have big contracts or prominent radio/TV shows?  How come blacks are only put on display when it’s politically necessary for the GOP?  If the Republican party is the party that supports blacks, then how come they always seem to be told to get to the back of the GOP bus?  The way I see it, if you’re going to pump this bullshit and sell out your race…sell out for more than 6 pieces of silver.
Now let me say, not all Black Republicans fall into this “self hatred” mold.  There are some who I might not agree philosophically with, but I can still respectfully agree to disagree with.  They are intelligent and aware enough to know when lines have been crossed.  Take former Secretary of State Colin Powell for instance.  During the 2008 campaign Powell  spoke out against the kind of hatred and rhetoric we saw this past weekend.  Now there are some who called Powell a “sellout” when he worked in the Bush White House and they were completely wrong for that.  Selling out doesn’t mean having a different political philosophy.  No, selling out means ignoring integrity to promote one’s self and make yourself look better at the detriment of others who were in the same situation you.  The difference between Powell and a self hating negro like Kevin Jackson is very simple.  Powell doesn’t flaunt his republican membership as if it’s some kind of pass into an exclusive club, screaming “Look at me I’m different.”  And he definitely has no problem calling his own party out for vile behavior.  But while Powell sees a clear line between civil debate and political differences, those like Jackson just see a clique of “cool kids” they want to be a part of…even if that means betraying their own race, morals and integrity. Sorry, but no thanks. If that’s what it means to have my “eyes opened” to “reality”, I’ll keep my integrity and self worth.

End insert from The Insanity Report

I think I  will end the story here. The Lost Black Man Part I and II depict just how far social illness is inherent in the GOP has spread. I can remember a time when no African-American would comment about someone the statute of a US President (especially a black president if there had been such a president prior to Obama) as a Sectiontenant.  I doubt that some fictional person would have referred to himself/herself with an analogy to one who has obvious mental issues such as Glenn Beck.

If American truly is a nation of "exceptionalism", people like Jackson should be exposed for what they are, loathing little specks of demagoguery with intent to sell and appear. That alone is the extent to which he should be considered.'

Last week a friend remarked about Jackson. The friend said, "This dude has set back black people 30years". I truly beg to differ, "this dude has simply shown the level of disgust as which resides and the level of intellect of his audience".

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