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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mario Piperni Dot Com: The United States of Koch

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Mitt Romney / Koch Brothers  -
Would you vote for Romney to save $5 million on your tax bill?
To see where the presidential candidates stand on taxing the rich, just look at how they’d tax themselves. Under his own proposal, Mitt Romney would pay half what he would under President Barack Obama’s tax plan. For a man of Romney’s means, that could save almost $5 million a year.
For Obama, not as loaded as Romney but still well-off, losing re-election could provide a tax windfall. He’d save as much as $90,000 a year if Romney’s plan were enacted rather than his own tax-the-rich vision.
I’m betting on Obama taking a dive in November and pocketing the 90 grand. But I could be wrong.
(The Romney source photograph is a Creative Commons licensed image from photographer Gage Skidmore.)
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