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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rick Scott declares, "debate" over. What debate, how about Justice Dept. order!

GOP Race to the bottom
And the Tea Party winner is.....Rick Scott!

Huffintgton Post and MSNBC have independently reported on Rick Scott's efforts to suppress votes in Florida.  Despite Justice Department orders to stop gubernatorial ordered lists to suppress voters rosters, voting supervisors are reticent to investigate and eliminate voters from active voter rosters.  Data related to ethnic demographics are obviously focused on reducing minority voters across the state.

Scott has declared a unseen debate closed.  I have followed the developing suppression very closely; I have not observed nor read about a 'debate'. I see a state governor and Secy. of State, with a suspect history of fixed elections, defying Justice Department orders to stop purging voters. Before I offer a bit of information from Huffington Post, let me say this is the very reason, I and millions are suspect of the GOP's "state's rights" mantra.  Oh, the GOP would love to have its ALEC back stooges administering ALEC legislation and ALEC policies as they "manage" people. The ALEC sponsored GOP, is a tool and circular facilitator of benefits to the members of ALEC, and that means profits to ALEC members, nothing less.

"The debate's over," Scott told CNN. "We know we have almost 100 individuals that have registered to vote that are non-U.S. citizens. Over 50 of them have voted in our elections."
Earlier counts by Florida officials suggested that they'd found 87 non-citizens on the voter rolls, 47 of whom had voted. That was out of a list of 2,700 potential names pared down from an original catalogue of around 182,000. The final list was also judged to have contained 500 names of voters who were legitimate U.S. citizens. 
According to a Miami-Herald analysis, more than 60 percent of the voters on the list are black or Latino. 

Read More linked above.

Now take a few minutes and follow the same story only form broadcast media.

As I have written many times, the GOP needs for Mitt Romney to have any real prospect of winning this November.  If you think for one second that well-oiled-shifty-underhanded and deceitful political operatives in the GOP do not understand reducing historic Democratic P{arty voting blocs, you have your evening news dial set to only one network: Fox News and the three Keystone Cop broadcasters. You have been brainwashed by "bloviating" O'Reilly, "tape edit fiend" Hannity, and "say anything you please"  Van Sustren.

It appears Rick Scott is governing very close to dangerously obtuse, in-you-face hardheadedness.  The Justice Department should take as hard a stance against the Governor as did JFK and LBJ in the mid-1960s.

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