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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Robby Sobel,, screeds Limbaugh the buffoon!

Sometimes searching around the Internet generates screeds that are dead-on. One such piece was discovered as I visited the Apparently, Limbaugh has stoops a another low in challenging the credibility of a person who Romney formerly abused, and I believe the person is now deceased. 

If you have not read the Robby Sobel piece here is an excerpt.

Rush Limbaugh was discussing the upcoming presidential election between President Obama and Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, and started his normal rant against the president. Limbaugh claimed that President Obama doesn't have anything to run on against Romney, and unlike previous Republican candidates, he believes Romney has a clean personal history. 
"The biggest problem Obama has in this reelection is that Romney hasn't been divorced and so there aren't any hidden divorce papers. There's no hidden prenup, there's no dirt there to be found on Romney. I mean, that's why the Washington Post went out and tried to create some dirt 50 years ago, that's it, that Romney bullied some long haired, maggot infested, dope smoking type kid back in prep school. And that was it, that's the typical Obama campaign, it blew up on him, it didn't work."
Yes, Limbaugh is a piece of work. he is also a very dangerous man due to his reach and impact among the nation's conservative minions who lust for his every word.  (Note: many conservatives are as also disdainful of Limbaugh)

Sobel adroitly addresses his demagoguery and the extent of its scope.  I have personally seen video of him espouse the need to return to segregated schools (or school buses) based on an infraction between a young white kid and a small group of black school mates. The black school mates were in the wrong, but it was way over the top to tickle his absorbing audience with a longing for segregation. 

He is, factually, a sterling example of why so many find fault in far-right America. He is the lighthouse that guides many of the souls; and no countering souls from the right dare speak-out against him.  

I think between Sobel's screed and my last statement, we have identified the classic example of a bully. He is also a bully one could easily lavish with disparaging adjectives, as his past is laced with colorful examples.

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