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The Pardu
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scott Walker and Sunnunu and the cutting blade of the Obama Team

The Obama Team is as competent as it gets...I watched this stuff yesterday and could not believe how very far Romney dug himself into a mole hole. His surrogate Sunnunu (whatever his name is) needs to go someplace and rest his old tired brain. His remarks are as selfish and ignorant as they get. While the video segment did not show it, Sunnunu spoke just before about how people are 'flighting' out of the inner city. He has the gall to even mention "Flight out of the inner cities". He should maybe look a little closer as some metropolitan areas are recapturing their urban prizes and guess what, they are recapturing the urban settings with a diverse and well compensated population mix.  Do you know who is losing that battle of reclamation of the inner city? Slumlords are losing not a particular group of people.

If you did not notice the back-tracking Scott Walker, go back and watch the short video again.  

The GOP is a complete farce, and they actually know it!

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