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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Voter Suppression Florida style and gubernatorial malfeasance & incompetence

George W. Bush won the 2000 Election by a margin of 500 hundred votes. In 2000, the SCOTUS of the United States ruled on legal challenges related to the 2000 Vote in  a manner  that Florida's Secretary of State was allowed to stop vote counts in one of the closest presidential election in US History.  Florida governor's brother (G.W. Bush) walked away the win and the US has not been the same.

In 2002, a well-publicized article drew attention to clear evidence of voter fraud that appears to have helped with the Election 2000 "SELETION" of George W. Bush as the 43rd President of the United States. We all know how the next eight years unfolded and we know how much the nation is still suffering from those documented cases of voter fraud.  

Florida's Governor Scott seems to be either chasing shadows, or he is 'hell bet' on  self -serving mission. I posit, the latter!

Florida voting officials have expressed serious reservation about Governor Rick Scott's orders to review of groups potential voters (lists). Reuters recently reported as follows.
The purge effort, begun in April, compares lists of registered voters with driver's license records that contain information on citizenship. Critics contend the information can be out of date as many people become citizens after they get their driver's licenses or state IDs. 
So far the state has identified about 2,700 voters as suspicious and sent them letters demanding they produce proof of citizenship to avoid being stricken from the voter rolls. 
According to the Miami Herald, Florida's current list of potential non-citizen voters includes many people who are lawful citizens. One voter singled out as suspicious turned out to be a Brooklyn-born World War Two hero with a Bronze Star from the Battle of the Bulge. 
About 58 percent on the list were Hispanics - Florida's largest ethnic immigrant population. Whites and Republicans were least likely to face being purged from the rolls, the newspaper said. 
Civil rights groups say Florida has a long history of voter roll tampering and manipulation. Most recently, in 2000 and 2004, it tried purging convicted felons from the rolls using what were found to be inaccurate lists that kept ballots out of the hands of black voters - who tend to vote Democratic.
How about a quick graphic......

Click for larger view

Sun Sentinel, Kathleen Haughney, Tallahassee Bureau reported on June 5th, 2012. 

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, 178 cases of alleged voter fraud have been referred to the department since 2000. FDLE's spreadsheet showed 11 arrests, but that apparently didn't include a 2009 bust of ACORN registration volunteers in Miami-Dade that yielded seven convictions and sentences ranging from probation to 72 days in jail. 

"It's just not widespread," said Vicki Davis, president of the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections and 
the supervisor for Martin County.

Added Mary Cooney, public-services director for the Broward Elections Office: "While there may have been complaints about perceived voter fraud, I am not aware of any actual cases which were turned over to law enforcement." 

The last big voter-fraud case goes back to Miami city elections in 1997. Law enforcement seized 5,000 absentee ballots, claiming that then-required witness signatures on the ballots had been forged. Forty-five people were charged, and a city commissioner went to jail. 

But the law was changed in 2004 to remove that signature requirement — and since then, there have been no prosecutions for absentee-ballot fraud.
Still, many elections officials argue that Florida elections are cleaner than ever, thanks to reforms instituted after the vote-count debacle in the 2000 presidential election. 

A task force appointed by then-Gov. Jeb Bush recommended major changes. Ultimately, the Legislature required counties to use optical-scan voting machines, created statewide standards for recounts and provided $2 million for a centralized voter database. The law also allowed voters whose status was questioned at the polls to cast "provisional ballots" that are counted if they subsequently produce proof of eligibility. 

Ion Sancho, the 24-year veteran election supervisor in Leon County, said the voter database has allowed local election officials to catch potential fraud before it occurs. New registrations are checked by the state against other state records to ensure that the person actually exists before the registration is official. 

Fraud, he said, simply isn't much of an issue. 

"You are more likely to walk out of your office and get hit by a bolt of lightning," he said.

To be fair, take a look at what one conservative website shows as voter fraud in Florida.  (the numbers on a state-by-state basis are unbelievably low). Please keep in mind, the following is from a republican webpage.

Vote Fraud: The Evidence

Since November of 2011, when this survey about vote fraud was published, there have continued to be cases of vote fraud across the country:


  • Maurice Childress: false swearing in an election (2010)
  • Greg "Charlie" Burke: voter registration fraud (2008)
  • Mohsin Ali: non-citizen voting (2006). See States v. Mohsin Ali, 4:05-CR-47 (2006)
  • Bennett: non-citizen voting (2005). See United States v. Bennett, No. 04-CR-14048 (2005)
  • Chaudhury: non-citizen voter registration (2006) United States v. Chaudhury, 4:04-CR-0005 (2006)
  • Exavier: non-citizen voting (2005). See United States v. Exavier, No. 04-CR-60161 (2005)
  • Francois: non-citizen voting (2005). See United States v. Francois, No. 04-CR-60159 (2005)
  • Bain Knight: non-citizen voting (2005). See States v. Bain Knight, No. 04-CR-14047 (2005)
  • Lubin: non-citizen voting (2005). See United States v. Lubin, No. 04-CR-60163 (2005)
  • McKenzie: non-citizen voting (2005). See United States v. McKenzie, Case No. 04-CR-60160 (2005)
  • O'Neil: non-citizen voting (2005). See United States v. O'Neil, No. 04-CR-60165 (2005)
  • Lloyd Palmer: non-citizen voting (2005). See States v. Lloyd Palmer, No. 04-CR-60159 (2005)
  • Velrine Palmer: non-citizen voting (2005). See States v. Velrine Palmer, No. 04-CR-60162 (2005)
  • Philip: non-citizen voting (2005). See United States v. Phillip, No. 04-CR-80103 (2005)
  • Rickman: non-citizen voting (2005). See United States v. Rickman, No. 04-CR-20491 (2005)
  • Shivdayal: non-citizen voting (2005). See United States v. Shivdayal, No. 04-CR-60164 (2005)
  • Sweeting: non-citizen voting (2005). See United States v. Sweeting, No. 04-CR-20489 (2005)
  • Torres-Perez: non-citizen voting (2005). See United States v. Torres-Perez, No. 04-CR-14046 (2005)
  • Velasquez: non-citizen voting (2003). See United States v. Velasquez, No. 1:03-CR-20233 (2003)
  • Liltovia Rhodes: false swearing in an election (2003)
  • Carlos Torres: false swearing in an election (2003)
  • Evangeline Williams: false swearing in an election (2003)
  • Lilkevia Williams: false swearing in an election (2003)
  • Richard Williams: false swearing in an election (2003)
  • Kashawn John : false swearing in an election (2003)
  • Gilda Oliveros: vote fraud (2003)
  • Humberto Hernandez: vote fraud (1998)
Florida is the quintessential case of voter suppression as a strategy to win the state in 2012. Romney cannot win the presidency without taking Florida and the GOP campaign machine from "uber" wealthy conservatives through Karl Rove know that as fact.  

After the Justice Department edict to cease and desist measures to suppress voters in the state, GOP level of desperation is obvious in Rick Scott's latest actions.

Think Progress is reporting Scott will sue to force release of documents from the Department of Homeland security. Scott and his Secretary of State are effectively giving the finger to the US Department of Justice. 

Think Progress

By Judd Legum on Jun 11, 2012 at 4:29 pm

During an appearance on Fox News Monday afternoon, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) announced that the state will sue the Department of Homeland Security to obtain access to a database that it believes will provide more accurate information on the citizenship status of Florida voters.

“The Florida’s Secretary of State office will be filing a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security to give us that database,” Scott said. “We want to have fair, honest elections in our state and so we have been put in a position that we have to sue the federal government to get this information.” The move comes after Scott disregarded a request from the Department of Justice on Wednesday to abandon efforts to purge eligible voters.

Neil Cavuto, who conducted the interview, pressed Scott on why many of those who objected to the purge were Republican election supervisors
Read More.....

GOP elections supervisor almost to the person have refused to continue to act on Florida's Secretary of State and Governor's orders to move forward in purging voters.  I ask that you notice the title of Florida "Secretary of State" comes-up again.

The GOP does not surprise. I am committed to my thoughts their actions are campaign strategy.  We also not surprised that a proud "Tea Party" governor and Tea Part claimants would act in such a non-democratic manner.  As I frequently ask, how can 50% of the nation find reason to actually support obvious Un-American GOP strategy?  Do they not realize that the GOP is being manipulated by the nations "uber' wealthy and, or the ultra-conservative?  If the Party is being manipulated for sake of winning an election, what does that tell GOP voters and how does the message make them feel safe? Unless, they are also wealthy and directly benefit from policies that benefit the nation's 1 percenters.

Florida voters should look closely at the following unrelated, but relevant graphic.  Your governor spends state capital accordingly:

Yet, another Rick Scott edict.

How many state services could benefit from a $178 million dollar infusion of capital? 

The graphic speaks to the competence of  gubernatorial leadership, and exemplifies your future after Governor Scott's reelection.

Tea Party anyone?

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