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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

John Liming & Mario Piperni....."Chick fil A"

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Chick-fil-A and the Jesus of Love or Hate

Chick-fil-a Egg / bble   :
Contributor John Liming reflects on restaurant chain Chick-fil-A’s religious stand against gay marriage.
I have been hearing all the uproar going on about that “Chicken” thing and since it has gone public, so to speak, I want to weigh in on it for a little bit here.
First off – - – This is The United States of America (The part that isn’t strictly Red or Blue, that is).
Because we are, for the most part, “The Land of The Free” I fully support the rights of anyone to spout off about their “Christian Values” and their “Moral Values” and their “Family Values” all they want.
Like I said, “This is America” and if someone wants to define “Christian” Values in terms that might sound a little hateful or bigoted to some folks (Like me for instance) then it is no skin off my nose and that is their right and I say “Let ‘em have at it!”
It ain’t none of my business and it ain’t about to be any of my business because I am not ever going to go into one of them places. That is my choice.
I guess if I want chicken to eat, I can get it at about a dozen places so my choices aren’t limited either.
Another thing is that I am not about to try and tell other people where to get their chicken because that is none of my business either. The last time I looked, people were still free to eat wherever they want to here in the good old U.S. of A.
But the thing is, I was taught to believe that Christianity was a religion of Love, understanding, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, long suffering, healing and all that other “Nice” stuff.
Some of the stuff I am hearing about this hullabaloo don’t seem to be anywhere near Christian to me and I think that if some folks are actually peddling hatred or bigotry as Christian Values they are going to have a hard time convincing Jesus to let them into the Pearly Gates when the time comes – - – and the time will surely come as it does to all of us.
Maybe it is all a matter of interpretation.
So for my part, I don’t want no part of it and definitely none of my money will ever support any of it.
See? I am an American too and although I am not Gay, I do not support any form of anything that I consider to be  discriminatory actions or language because I don’t consider such as that to be either American or Christian.
But if the Bible Thumpers, the Pew Jumpers and the Hallelujah Crowd want to take this cause to heart and defend it and support it, then that is on them, isn’t it? I think I will let Jesus sort that one out!
Like I said, “To each his own.”

Jesus of Love or Jesus of Hate!

The voting booths of the conscience are now open.

John’s piece originally appeared at The Liming Liberal Democrat.
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