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Monday, July 2, 2012

Racsim alive and well! American Exceptionalism?

As a matter of introduction.

Charles M. Blow

Charles M. Blow

Charles M. Blow is an American journalist, and the current visual Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times.

Mr. Blow is an accomplished journalist who works for a top newspaper and internet publisher.  You may have seen him on cable news networks (other than Fox News). Or, you may have watched his commentary and investigative question related to the killer of young Trayvon Martin.

Charles Blow has released an email form an 'admirer'.  It is important to note, Mr. Blow is apparently guilty in the mind of the sick email writer for speaking the truth on issues. He did not kill anyone.

Maybe the following email message is from one of the people (to keep it clean) who have contributed to the George Zimmeramnn, "make him wealthy" campaign that eventually got his wife arrested for hiding the lying during his  first murder bond hearings.  You see it does not matter the Zimmerman killed a young man who was doing nothing but returning to a dwelling after purchasing Skittles and Ice Tea. What really matters? People who contribute to his 'get wealthy fund' only care about the 'red badge of courage' given to Zimmerman for shooting an innocent. He is an American 'Folk Hero"

American Exceptionalism!

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