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Monday, July 9, 2012

Wonder why President Obama supports forcing the rich to pay more in taxes?

A day in infamy..Bush signed the Bush Tax cuts and republicans ogle like birds of prey over the US economy.  Is that Trent Lott?  When republicans have their way, the nation suffers!

Relax!! no serious reading.  A journey through the perceptions of the Bush Tax cuts and a visual journey at that.

“I wish they weren't called the Bush tax cuts,” the former president said at the Bush Institute Conference on Taxes and Economic Growth in New York City on Tuesday. “If they were called some other body’s tax cuts, they’re probably less likely to be raised. But if you raise taxes, you’re taking money out of the pockets of consumers.” George W. Bush 2012 at a paid ticket event.
To start You Tube....

"...called somebody elses tax cuts"!!!!  And, he continued on as if he has a iota of leadership, economic and communication credibility.  


And little something you will never ever see, hear nor sense on Fox News.... a little long, but you have to watch the brilliant analysis form credible research.

President Obama is right....
Before you leave this piece take another look at the header image.  What else do you notice about the image?

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