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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

GOP "Shock and Awe" Fits the GOP Demographic

Don't be fooled......
Todd Akin has indicated as off 2:00PM on Monday August 20, 2012, he will ignore serious nudging from this party to consider dropping out of the 2012 Senate Race. He continues his resistance to resigning today as of 1:00PM.  His remarks from a recent round on interviews with a St. Louis, Missouri Fox News reporter finally drew 'blood'.  I reported last week that Akin had responded to a question from Charles Jaco, Fox 2 News, with a horrid diatribe about an issue that should seriously concern all Americans. He told Jaco.

"Time for a second look at federal 'civil rights and voting rights' laws." (see below and linked here)

I wrote just after that release of how Akin's comments appear as an overt manifestation of the current GOP efforts to suppress votes in key bell-weather states. Based, on a lack of response to Akin's startling remarks from the GOP, Romney' campaign nor the RNC, over the course of the weekend, I even intimated the possibility of Akin as a 'tester of the waters'. Could it be possible he has been given the mission of rolling-out the ridiculous to see how it sticks, or fails to stick? Well, maybe not, but rest assured not one official from the Republican Party commented about the ridiculousness of this anti-civil rights and anti-voting rights remarks.

Let it be noted that over the years we also railed incessantly about Rush Limbaugh's racist remarks. Until he attack American (and all) women with hos attack on Sandra Fluke, he was given free and open reign to 'let it rip'. The Left would make note and grumble a bit (a small but mind you), but the Right never once commented in any way about his actions towards minorities and FEMANAZIS (as he calls progressive women). Once he lashed out at Fluke and became increasingly guttural major advertisers pulled out of his sponsorship and people spoke out, and did they speak-out. Even the 'careful' Mitt Romney said, ".....those are not words I would use".

As long as he restricted his remarks to pure racism, bigotry and utter insensitivity Limbaugh received no serious rebuke. What do spoiled children do when left to do whatever they wish? They continue on and they double-down on the undesirable behavior.

The GOP ran scared of Limbaugh and he eventually led the "Shock and Awe" against women being perpetrated against American women. Some call it a GOP "War on Women". Wars takes two to perpetrate. American women have done nothing to the GOP that makes me feel they are at war with the GOP. They are coming around to a war as the ballot boxes loom, but the GOP has shown its hand regarding all that it not 'white' male.

By refusing to address Limbaugh's social demagoguery as an ideology leader of the GOP, the party is culpable for his actions. Akin is no different.

Before I get to additional comment about the St. Louis reporters interview and the ultimate crushing remarks from Akin, allow a moment to reflect.

During the run-up to the healthcare reform vote, Akin held town-hall meetings in his district.   It has been reported he was taken to task for what was an insensitive effort at humor as he 'tickled' his willing audience with a reference to how Democrats were being received in their town-hall meetings.  Akin psychically placed his hands to his neck and commented that the Democrats were being "lynched".  Ah, a bit insensitive there, huh?  Well, if you think about the mindset behind such a remark, most politicians would not go there.  I will posit Sarah Palin would not go there and that is saying a whole bunch.

Akin explained away his crass quip by indicating he felt he was providing a humorous example for his audience. As with Joe Biden's recent remark, maybe his cohorts should have cautioned about his words.  Just as they should have cautioned Michelle Bachmman about same.

Akin is the archetypal GOP.  He has a very apparent crass side, but his core beliefs and values speak to a GOP model that will eventually give-way to change.  If members of his party had properly cautioned about his past liberties with public insensitivity and if he followed GOP script (which he does not appear to do), Akin could have continued to mask the true politician.

And the real Akin does this......

The week for Akin and his party has been revealing. We have witnessed the net-affect' of demagoguery taken beyond belief too far.  While the comments about abortion affects far more people in a direct manner, when coupled with his comments about legislation that facilitates voting for minorities and legislation that impacts basic civil rights for minorities, Akin has exposed the inner psyche of his party  Of course, the majority of conservatives abhor Akin's remarks about rape.  I posit it is shame more people do not feel same about his voting right and civil rights comments.

Let's face facts, is the GOP suppressing votes?  How can Akin's remarks in that regard be so out of line. I suggest his remarks (gender based and race base) are not over-the-top out of line, but  revelation that cannot be apologized away.

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