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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Soldiers For Peace International


Asymmetrical warfare is the means by which a group of people fight for their freedom against overwhelming power. It is a loosely organized network of cells whose members by and large do not know each other. For protection, they operate semi-autonomously so that their leaders cannot be tracked. This is necessary for them to avoid being targeted for assassins or politically motivated harassment and prosecution that often leads to torture in other countries increasingly, in the US or territory under its control.

Some people wonder why I would form another group of antiwar activists when so many great groups have been working on ending war for so long. The short answer is that we are not a group but a network. The longer answer is a little more complex.

SFPI was founded as a way not to attract people to what we are doing but to be a node in the network that connects all humans to each other. It is also an effort to connect disaffected individuals with groups of activists working for social justice and to connect these groups to each other in common cause. It is therefore designed to become part of an international grassroots movement for justice, freedom and an end to war.

The advantage of our lack of organizational structure is that it makes us maximally inclusive and as like that of terror groups, as flexible in our strategies as human nature is diverse. No one individual speaks for the group and no committees decide what causes we will work on. The decision of how best to promote our mutual goal is one that can only be made by each Soldier For Peace on his or her own.

The “War on Terror” is the excuse given by political leaders in the US and elsewhere who are actually working for international corporate terrorists. These are the members of the international plutocracy who profit from war and other forms of human misery. These Imperialists know that they cannot win a war against a technique of fighting. The “war on terror is thus a convenient excuse for endless war.

The coming of a time when the selfish would begin the endless war was so obvious that it was predicted well over 2,000 years ago. Our current situation was written about in detail by Sinclair Lewis in 1936 and George Orwell in 1948 in It Can’t Happen Here and 1984, respectively.

Terrorism is inevitable as long as there is a drive for Empire. The leaders of the international corporate network are working together to establish the New World Order. It was promised by former CIA Director George H.W. Bush when he was installed as the President of the United States and soulless men like Dick Cheney and George W. Bush have been diligently working to make worldwide fascism the accepted norm.

International corporate terrorists only want to maximize the wealth and power of their plutocracy. They believe that the economic elite of the world are our natural superiors and should be allowed to direct our collective destiny. They themselves are a network that like the mythical Hydra cannot be destroyed by chopping off a head. As in other terrorist networks, there is always another waiting to grow in its place.

The beauty of asymmetrical warfare is that those working for justice around the world can do so in an increasingly interconnected way that cannot be destroyed as long as the dream of justice, freedom and peace is alive in the world. The world today faces the challenges of uncontrolled population growth and endless war as the final stage in controlling the world’s natural resources that by right belong to all the Peoples of the world. This leads to the threats of environmental devastation, mass famine and pandemic.

If we work together to restore democracy in the United States, our new leaders will have to act justly toward other nations in our increasingly interdependent world. A truly united body of nations can assure that human society does not end in the fire and ice of global climate instability and ensure that human society as we know it does not vanish from the Earth.

Please join the SFPI Facebook group and add us to your Skype contacts to join in the conversation on our upcoming internet-based talk show, SFPI Radio.

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