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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Examiner: Rush Limbaugh: Democrats don't recognize 'authentic' blacks without slave roots

Robby Sobel, The Examiner, explores the intricacies of the Right-wing controversy of President Obama's ethnicity.  It is impossible to explore such bigotry without focused on the GOP ideology leader: Rush Limbaugh. We like Robby find it both perplexing and horrid that we have to even "go there". But, we react to the environment which we live.  A must read.....

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Radio talk show host and conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh


One of the biggest critics of President Obama and the work done by was conservative radio show host, Rush Limbaugh. On his radio show this week, Limbaugh attacked the study done by and ripped the history of African-Americans.
"You can't, in the Democratic party, be an authentic black unless you can have ancestral traces to the deep south and slavery, causeyou not down for the struggle otherwise. If..if you don't have a provable, documentable genealogical trace to slavery, then you are not down for the struggle, and questions of...Well, yeah, you have to be marching, too. I mean that was qualifier number two, you had to march. But a lot of people marched that were not with slave blood. Heston marched. James Garner marched. A lot of people who weren't alive then marched. Just listen to them tell you. By now, everybody, every white liberal marched. Every white liberal in Hollywood marched, but, anyway, I'm getting distracted here."

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