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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The New GOP Talking Point: "Stole" (Medicare)

Is the word "stole" another strategy from the GOP bag of political tricks?   The following is  a 20 second video of the current RNC Chair. And, you and I thought Michael Steele was beyond ridiculous and over-the-top. An example of Steel and over-the-top... Do you remember Steel sitting on an MSNBC News show with Pat Buchanan to his right?  Steele  spoke of a ridiculous and factual incorrect false characterization that just abbot induced sickness sickness in Buchanan.  The then RNC Chair stated to the show host that the wearing of harts "caps" was done  one way in his part of the country but in the North East the "hat" was worn backwards.  Michael Steele is at least 60 years of age; surely he has grown past wearing a baseball cap backwards. I considered the specific MSNBC segment the interchange "GOP out-of-touch" and Micheal Steele buffoonery.  

Steele failed as RNC Chair based on the false strategy associated with his election to the position: work towards the black vote and offset the impact of the black president.   The Party nominated Sarah Palin to capture disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters and the party elected Steele for very obvious reason. Despite his mistaken impression of his selection (tee-toddle to  African-American voters) and associated buffoonery, in addition to his marked accommodating leaders, his mission was not accomplished.  Of course, his mission was doomed from the start, as the GOP will never appeal to Americans on a basis of diversity. The very thought of a GOP appealing to ethnically diverse voters is an oxymoron. Steele was also an administrative failure, but he was not a hardcore GOP operative replete with all symptoms of what I call, "GOPISM Circa 2000 and Beyond".  

Steele was not a gutter dwelling, sniveling talking-points machine.  If you will take a moment to view the quick video, you will see the  archetypal "GOPISM Circa 2000 and Beyond" RNC Chair.  Reince Preibus is referring to Medicare, as he spews venom. The venom is easily disputed, thus ultimately ineffective in delivering a death blow to his intended victim. The GOP does not seem to understand that there is life well beyond their base. Some are actually getting current event updates and news from media other than Fox News, and the increasingly strongly leaning Right, CNN.

Stole 760 Million?

The following video is the perfect shield against GOP salting and devouring of unsuspecting minds. The video is 14:24 minutes long, but every second is relevant. If you have grown to a level of understanding the intricacies of  America political life, related information and GOP political treachery, you have learned it takes more time to feed the brain truth than to absorb the 'sound-bite' lie.  The GOP does not understand, they thrive on sound-sites. It shows how Fox News is successful despite being the least informative national media broadcast entity. Fox listeners do not delve into and absorb information, they listen to emotion laden sound bites; and they react.

MSNBC The Ed Show..... (This is far too important for skipping through)
Karen Finney sat-in on yesterday for Martin Bashir. During the show Finney hosted a panel of two GOP surrogates and a progressive surrogate in discussion of the newly invigorated discussion of Medicare. The election of Paul Ryan may take some hat off the Romney model of income tax avoidance and related lack of transparency, but it is a nasty item stuck on the bottom of Paul Ryan's shoes. I am posting the segment in edited from as my major focused is the obviously newly coined GOP talking point: "stole". One of the GOP surrogates threw the word out there as a sound-bite. Finney adroitly caught the sound-bite and addressed it straight-up. 
It is so obvious the selection of Paul Ryan generated many GOP 'talking-point' sessions over this past weekend. 
Linked full segment 10 Minutes plus....  
Since the videos were a bit longer than I prefer, I am going to end this piece at this point.  We will continue yesterday's 'newly initiated' Paul Ryan battles in other screeds as the day progresses.  

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