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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Yes We Can" Despite GOP Obstructionism - An Optimistic View

Latest Job Openings Level:
3,762,000(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Job Openings Rate:
2.7%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Hires Rate:
3.3%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Turnover Rate:
3.2%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Quits Rate:
1.6%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Layoffs/Discharges Rate:
1.4%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data

Symbols LInked to BLS web Pages

James Hall (Guest writer)
The Bureau of Labor Statistics link was posted by an associate. The associate is very much in tune with Washington and the economy. You should look at the stats don't just take our word. 
I just took a look at the BLS website numbers. So far, through last month, we added 4,040,000 jobs. However, according to the BLS, we had started off with a loss of 4,620,000 that resulted from the ongoing bleeding that actually started 8 months before the financial collapse of Sept. 2008.

This means we need to add an average of 97,000 jobs over the next 6 months to have added back the jobs that were lost during the Obama administration; which both parties and virtually all economists agree had nothing to do with his policies.

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I think that I was wrong. I had wrote on these pages that I did not think it was possible that we'd be able to add back what was lost, must less create an economy that would signal a material change in the lives of so many millions that had been dislocated as a result of what happened in before President Obama took office.

Clearly we do not have the economy that is needed to satisfy the millions that are still unemployed; but, clearly I was wrong in predicting that it would take many more years for this economy to make up even the jobs lost early in the current administration's first term.  It looks like the BLS record will reflect that the Obama administration will add back all the lost jobs that bled into it's term.

What it won't reflect is the GOP sentiment, the day after the election, that they will do whatever it takes to make sure that President Obama will only serve one term. For anyone to interpret this as anything but their admission they need to make sure he is not successful in creating jobs and stimulating the economy speaks more to one's cognitive abilities, than to reality.

Kind of makes one wonder what could have been if the GOP didn't filibuster 36 times, and block every single jobs bill that was presented over the past two years. I am not without my issues or criticism concerning this president, but I have to admit, the fact that we have not lost more jobs, and will actually be at ground zero after his first term, is no small miracle.

The Progressive Influence wholeheartedly joins James Hall in his optimism. We also applaud the Obama Administration for jobs growth since the Spring of 2009 (months after he took office).

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