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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GOP Obama Bombshell Part III

As I looked to move into my evening and while pushing the keyboard away, I saw yet another a quick 'hit' about the GOP's October Bombshell.   

The Rachel Maddow Show ran a brief segment.  Since I have commented on this issue three times today, let's go with Maddow's always dead-on analysis and comment.

A Race Speech? Oh, the knocking the federal government after Katrina angle was not enough of a draw?

Obama spoke briefly about his pastor, and the entirety of of conservative Americas two years later goes nuts.  The mention of Reverend Wright will draw as no other southern strategy tool.  It will perk up the eats and psyche of every Obama hater and 'Chicken Little" conservatives in the nation.   I will go one step farther, They reach to any white person who holds latent 'concerned about blacks' views. They do not need for you to be a professed and card carrying bigot. They need no plan on your being a seething racist. Nor, is it necessary for you live as a white extremist. They have those voters. They are as locked-down in the voting for things conservative as Mitt Romney was about off-shoring and outsourcing jobs.  

No, they are after you.  They want to touch with fear to your deepest horrors. They trot-out Rev. Wright.  Someone should send them a message that Rev. Wright did not work for them in 2008. He has far less opportunity to fulfill their strategy today because Obama has served as president over 3.5 years. The nation knows him, and frankly, it seems the majority trust him.

As I always suggest. If one teaches the dog a new trick the dog will perform the trick for a number of reasons. If the dog is taught their actions are unacceptable, chances are their behavior will change.  One very basic reason for such a lesson; if the GOP loses big in November a lesson will be taught. That lesson would be along t line of, "Do not disrespect us." Do not play us cheap, we are on to you. We know how you held our back nation 2 plus years to suit your agenda." 

Voting counts and we have only two viable options. We can vote to maintain what has been accomplished by President Obama, or we can vote to return to a party that for 3 plus years placed their agenda before the wishes of the electorate.

Send them a message!

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