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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pennsylvania Voter ID Laws Injunctioned

Mike Turzai
Pennsylvania state House Republican Mike Turzai The telling face, voice and message of the GOP Year 2012!

The stage was set for legal battles up to within mere weeks of the 2012 General election.  Interest and civil rights groups on the Left filed suit, the GOP on the Right pleaded their case and hope this guy's remarks would hold-up for Mitt Romney.

The battle ended on Tuesday of this week. Well, actually the battle was postponed via injunction of Tuesday of this week.  The injunction rendered the law NOT enforceable before the Fall General elections (n five weeks).

In August of this year Republican Commonwealth Judge denied an ACLU legal challenge and ruled the GOP voter ID was should stand and wrought a brief reflecting his stance and decision. 

The back story via POLITICSPA Dot Com

Judge Simpson Rules, Voter ID Law Stands (Updated)

Judge Simpson ruled this morning to deny the injunction to prevent the Voter ID law from going into effect for this November's elections.
Pennsylvania’s most controversial law of the year is still planned to go into effect, after a ruling by Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson.
Simpson decided this morning and issued a 70-page opinion denying the plaintiffs an injunction to stop the law.
In mid-Septemebr the Pennsylvania Supreme court

, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court vacated Judge Simpson’s August 15th decision, upholding the law. By a 4-2 vote

On Tuesday of this week, CNN reported as follows.

The ruling by Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson is expected to be appealed, but amounted to good news for Democrats who contend the voter ID law is motivated by Republican efforts to suppress the traditionally Democratic minority vote.

"It's a huge victory in that the photo ID requirement for the November election has been blocked and people without ID will be able to vote on regular ballots," said Witold "Vic" Walczak, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union in Pennsylvania.
Jack Watkins of Addictinginfo Dot Org wrote this

BREAKING – Republican Judge Blocks Pennsylvania Photo ID Law

October 2, 2012

The lower court judge who initially upheld the state’s new Photo ID Law in August, has blocked implementation of Pennsylvania’s controversial Voter Photo ID Law for the November 6th General Election.  In his much-anticipated decision, Commonwealth Judge Robert Simpson, issued an injunction against enforcement of the law.

While he did not strike down the law 
I reject the underlying assertion that the offending activity is the request to produce photo ID; instead, I conclude that the salient offending conduct is voter disenfranchisement. As a result, I will not restrain election officials from asking for photo ID at the polls; rather, I will enjoin enforcement of those parts of Act 18 which directly result in disenfranchisement 

Thus, disenfranchisement expressly occurs during the provisional ballot part of the in-person voting process, which is addressed in subsections (a.2) and (a.4) of Section 1210. It is this part of the process which must be enjoined to prevent disenfranchisement

Read more.... 

Tuesday Ruling (pdf) 

A comment from the voter suppressors:

"Today's ruling is a temporary setback," said Horace Cooper, director of the National Center for Public Policy Research's Voter Identification Task Force.

"Notably, the court's ruling accepts the principle that the voter ID rules are legal. Unfortunately, the timing of the change meant that Pennsylvanians will have to wait one more election cycle before they can be sure their elections are fraud-free," Cooper said. 

 It is truly amazing the GO continues to fight battles that appear as ancient as Jim Crow Laws.  They fight such battles while documented and verifiable actions have taken place in Florida to expose GOP voter fraud.

As often stated here and across the blogosphere, it is amazing and tragic the scope of actions the GOP undertakes to stifle minority, elderly and military service (Vets) voters.

Are you proud of your party?  If you answered yes, then you have tendencies that lend to personal sedition, and plutocracy.

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