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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Coffee Party - Wake Up Stand Up!


"Love how the GOP, after bringing the economy to the brink of ruin in 2008, are now acting like someone else farted." —Andy Borowitz by Don Manning

 Mr. Borowitz' humor is duly appreciated, but can someone please come up with a more pleasant analogy?!? Today on Facebook and CP Originals, and tonight on Speaking of America (8 to 10 pm Pacific), we're holding a contest to see who can come up with the best, less-gross way of encapsulating this complex idea that half of American seem to be missing.

 Time and time again during the first two debates, the Republican strategy has relied entirely on a spell that causes mass amnesia when it comes to the fact that the Bush Recession actually began during the Bush administration.

This graphic (interactive by clicking chart below) speaks for itself doesn't it? Common sense tells us that economic policies do not have immediate impact. In the chart above, for instance, the Recovery Act and rescue of the auto industry do not immediately lead to positive private sector job growth numbers. The impact is gradual, and, it takes about a year before our country is adding private sector jobs at a healthy rate. Are we better off than we were four years ago? Romney and Ryan have all these clever ways of saying no. But see if you can find October 2008 in this chart, and you tell us how best to explain the truth to the American people in a comment below or on our FB page, or in an few paragraphs on Coffee Party originals. Or better yet, call 646-929-2495 between 8 pm and 10 pm Pacific tonight and tell me on the air!

The Progressive Influence....

We hear and read much ability the horrible and stagnant US economy. I often make the case the US economy is driven by jobs. Jobs have a direct impact on spending and spending actually drives the economy.  When people are out of work, all things economic drive slower.  While the Obama Administration has worked hard to get the economy moving from its crash in 2008, more could have taken place.  

Private Sector job growth is depicted above. The image is enhanced via clicking the chart for interactive  views.  It is important to remind that the opposition party fought or still fights measures delineated above.  How about a little thought of our economy with a little help from the GOP vs. absolute obstruction?   

Let's move to the private sector.  If you are not 'information deficient', you know public sector employment has been reduced at record levels.  Both Federal and State governments have reduced employee headcounts. State government have decreased public sector employment at even higher levels and frankly, posit many of those reductions held a dual purpose.  First, the reductions reduced state spending.  On the other hand, the reductions also led to reductions in employment for people who work in organizations that historically support the Democratic Party: Unions, teachers and in many cases police and fireman collective-bargaining. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walkers prank call with a "fake Koch Brother" was proof enough. Republican run governments enacted strategies to reduce numbers of voters in collective bargaining units.

Basically, now connect back to The Coffee Party, the GOP has said "NO" since Obama took office. They have said no for far too long. It does not take a mathematician (a progressive mathematician)  to know a little bi-partisan ship for the GOP would have led to a much more palatable unemployment rate. More people would be employed if the GOP worked with the Administration Vs. worked towards Mitch McConnell's "Obama a one-term president" governing model.

The answer to increasing employment; vote the Tea Party to a minority in the House and maintain the Senate as majority Democratic and let's see how the jobs picture improves. Also, do not be misled by claims of 12 million jobs in fours years.

Kudos to Andy Borowitz, Kudos to the Coffee Party, and let's share and lets vote!

I am calling the Coffee Party tonight!

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