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Thursday, November 22, 2012

97 Republicans Letter Obama about Rice: Seriously

CNN's Soledad O'Brien

Ninety-seven "Obstructionist" Republicans sent a letter to President Obama asking him not to nominate Susan Rice. 

OK, let's take this in order.   

US embassy facilities were attacked on 9/11 n a planned attack. The attack for whatever reason coincided with uprisings around the middle east based on a racist and insensitive portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed.

Four US citizens were killed including the US ambassador to Libya.  

The US Intelligence community gives the Administration, including the US President,  a set of talking-points written with intent to protect intelligence sources on the ground in Libya.

The Obama Administrations does the right thing  in an effort to be open on the attack and deaths.  Susan Rice, US Ambassador  goes on the Republican domain of Sunday morning news shows.  She speaks the talking points just as they were be issued to the administration.

After months the talking points are revealed as not completely forthright   The GOP believes it has its "October Surprise" and goes on the attack in an effort to hand Mitt Romney campaign leverage over the sitting president.  Little did the Right and its highly paid media and surrogates know, Mitt Romney was about to handout an October surprise second to none in US History.  The Jeep Plant (false) closure came right out of the mouth of the ill-prepared Mitt Romney. 

The political attack is against President Obama with Rice as a proxy target.  

Former CIA Director Patraeus has spoken definitively about the administration's talking-points.  His frank appearance before a congressional committee should have taken the spotlight off rice, if the attack was factually against Rice and based in competency.  

Yet, the GOP persists.  Their real motive is as obvious as GOP contempt for Medicare, Social Security and FEMA. They are working to tarnish President Obama even after the election has been folded into US History.

As sad as the attacks a[pear, there is nothing more ugly than seeing GOP mouthpieces tied in knots by a competent television news interviewer. Soledad O'Brien has accomplished revealing interviews with quite a few GOP surrogates and members of Congress over the past few months.  We thought we would post up yet another example of "O'Brien vs GOP pundits, surrogates, and congressional mouthpieces. 

As the interviews go: O'Brien 6; GOP 0.  The following is example six.

We will return after the next O'Brien vs. US politics interview. It should be noted, O'Brien has also taken on at least one democrat surrogate over the past few months.

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