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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Mid Week Visual Journey Into Spending (Defense)

Mitt Romney: 'I Will Not Cut The Military Budget'

Some special watched over the nation on November 6th the leading up to the Vote.  Now only would Romney not cut military budget he spoke of new aircraft carriers, more surface ships, 100,000 more troops and he hedged on comment about coming out of Afghanistan.

But, this work is not about the some to be forgotten Mitt Romney, it is about Defense spending without all the verbiage.  Just allow the images to sink-in.

Tell us about 'hands off defense cuts"

How about a look back to 2009

And we have members of Congress who will rail about entitlement programs vs defense spending! 

OK what is wrong with this picture. These troops are not in the state of Texas!

The ridiculousness of it all!

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