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Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Election 2012 Phenomena: GOP Voter Suppression And GOP Voter Fraud.

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The American Right has adopted an all-out strategy of denying the vote to segments of the population.  They work to suppress the US vote, while their 'earthworm; minions literally practice voter fraud.  One GOP official in Nevada was literally caught and arrested for attempting to vote twice.  Do you for one second think she was a 'lone wolf'? 

Ready to Vote? Rampant Suppression Threatens Already Tight Race

We’re just four days away from Election Day, and voter suppression schemes continue to strike—as does the push back against them. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy may mark an additional, and unforeseen barrier to the vote. Meanwhile, everyday people will contribute to the way we understand this election than ever before.
As seen above, Video the Vote is empowering communities to document what happens Tuesday, from long lines to voter machine failures. Their new promo video encourages voters to sign up, monitor hot spots, and hashtag shared social media content with #VideoTheVote.
The Advancement Project has also released a short series of films, produced by Stanley Nelson, that focus on people whose right to vote was threatened this year. The inspirational films encourage people to get out and vote.
But the lead up to this election is still marred by attempts to keep certain people from casting ballots. Here are some of this week’s most important voting rights updates, including many from our community journalists in key states:
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  • Hurricane Sandy Affects Early Voting in Virginia
  • Are These Voting Machines Colorado’s ‘Hanging Chads’?
  • Georgia County Denies Backlog, Questions Immigrant Voters
  • Pennsylvania Accused of Continuing to Foment Voter ID Confusion
True th Vote Manual Features Transphobic Image
True the Vote guide
  • Nevada Poll Workers Hassle Voters
  • New Mexico Secretary of State Prohibits League of Women Voters’ Guide
  • The Power of the Native Vote in New Mexico
  • Riverside County Accused of Reversing Democratic Registrations
  • Southern California Edison Plans Outages on Election Day
  • ‘Dream Voters’ Make Pledges to Undocumented Youth
  • Community Journalist Encourages Voters not to Dissuade by Ballot Bullies
After that excursion into American conservatism and GOP malfeasance, take a quick read here.

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