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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election 2012.. A Look Back!!!! Part II The Horrors And Sadness Of Mis-information!

While, most readers of this webpage watch MSNBC, or possibly CNN, and do not waste their brains nor time on Fox News, I am going to post a couple of video links relevant to credible information.  As we have clear evidence we are a nation divided, we must also realize we have divisions that are support by 'lies', misinformation, greed, and self-serving interest. 

The linked videos (below) are not short views. They are, however, very relevant as we move away from the 2012 General Election.  President Obama may have won an electoral victory, but a victory with a mere 2 to 3 million votes diffidence is bothersome to me. I say bothersome as I consider the real horror of another GOP administration while not yet recuperated from the last Bush Administration. You have to know, if you read here, my thoughts on the angst and anger we see from the Right.  You should not be surprised of my personal relief that we do not have to prospect of Robert Bork's nomination for the SCOTUS.  I also feel you are not surprised the we do not have to fight the 'repeal ObamaCare' fight that was surely a by-product of a Romney/Ryan victory.

The following segments have moments of loquacious opining, but the arguments are hard to refute.  As you view the segments know both successful strategy and failed strategy are best 'de-briefed' as to, "why, how, and what" with consideration of the ultimate result.  You can rest assured both the Democrats and Republicans are going through the very actions as delineated in the videos below.  Let's hope the GOP realizes, their mistaken perception of a presidential election slam-dunk was fed by: mis-information, greed (money and influence), hopes of voter suppression.  Yet, there is one very critical consideration: Their agenda is a dying agenda. The party is on the wrong side of a slight majority in our nation.  Much of that 48% Romney vote was due to misinformation and a developing atmosphere of intolerance fueled by Right-wing dogma.


There is much much more to say or write about misinformation and those words will come over the next few days.

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