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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fox New Kilmeade's Freudian Slip!

A News Business Model for a changing world! Recognize  the face? None other than Fox News' Meghan Kelly!

A Journey into the Whimsical!

Last week Fox News' Brian Kilmeade added to his list of reaching to the gutter for humor by joking that his network chooses its women host from the Victoria Secrets Catalog. Well, Brian let's take a look and let's think about the Fox News model for delivering news and right-wing propaganda.  First, a piece about your comment via Addicting Info Dot Org (AI), with audio.  Lorriane Devon Wilke, AI,  put together a piece that starts the reader on the path to understanding how the "less informed network", might appeal to certain viewers. Victoria is Not The Only One With A Secret 

May I suggest  again  the model is far more intentionally salacious than one would expect from the nation's consistent Number #1 cable news network.  The model could speak to certain demographics garnered by Fox News, during their early morning to mid-morning news shows. Fox News' evening shows are strictly the domain of hard-core radical right-wing demagogues who feed hatred of President Obama.  Their hatred hungry viewers fail to understand the level at which they are being manipulated. I offer the recent electoral victory as an example. 

The following links are for reference only with many of the short video  repeated below. 

Last year I published the following piece: CNN, E.D.Hill and the Upskirt Award.  Shortly thereafter, I posted a similar piece (w/video), that further illustrated the point that Fox News (And on air personalities who left Fox News to take positions at other networks) appeared  to adhere to leveraging "leg shots".  Some leg shots are more commonly referred to as "Upskirts" video.  Let me be perfectly clear, there is a major difference between the often used strategically manipulated camera shots on days when women hosts wear a shorter skirt, than what can only be called an "UPSKIRT". If you watch CNN, Fox News (especially), and yes I have seen a recent expose` on MSNBC (Albeit rare) all the networks use the leg shot.  FOX News Cable and apparently Fox News affiliated stations deploy a more exaggerated model.  think the model is undeniable. Did Roger Ailes not say the following, "hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings." The model is clear if you are a potential host who happens to be a woman.

We are not prudes by any stretch of the imagination and fashion revitalizes the midi-skirt time to time.  What happens to a midi-skirt when one sits on a high stool?  The stool offers vista an ordinary chair and certainly standing does not offer.

(SAMPLE a non Fox News segment. Please do not watch the 3 plus minutes in total, skipping will illustrate the point) Link:  )

News network ratings wars are as heated as any 'Shock and Awe" from the US Air Force.  Advertisers pay big dollars to have their commercial aired to large audiences. The larger the audience potential that more the network can and will charge for commercial air-time. Networks have all the reasons imaginable to increase their market viewership which equates to viewing market share. 

If ratings equate to market share, and market share equates to higher potential for air-time charges, then being a consistent leader in viewing equates to what?  If you did not follow that very basic syllogism (deductive reasoning) to "more revenue", you should just not continue this piece. 

As previously stated, Fox News has or had prior to the November 6th elections, a dominate share prime-time evening news viewers via their programming show after show of Anti-Obama demagoguery.  The network shines in the earlier time slots via irrefutable use of "I hired Sarah Palin because she is hot and was good for ratings" hiring and broadcast practices. 

Is it therefore a stretch to imagine the model applied as follows.


We offer a bit of data related to Cable Network viewing and ratings.  

In July of this year tvbythenumbers.zap2it and reported the following cable news viewing data.

Cable TV Ratings: FOX News continues to dominate

the State Controlled Media.  In every time-slot Fox News gets more viewers than any other cable tv network, sometimes getting more viewers than its competition COMBINED!

Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for July 27, 2012

P2+ (000s)25-54 (000s)35-64 (000s)
Total Day

      1,004           224           435
        326            96           137
        424           110           170
        171            59  88
          70            14  32
        196            69           115

PrimetimeP2+ (000s)25-54 (000s)35-64 (000s)
      1,225           182           455
        287           123           155
        502           149           187
        187           103           118
          68            11  25
        215            72           116

NetMorning programs (6-9 AM)P2+ (000s)25-54 (000s)35-64 (000s)
FNCFOX & Friends      1,339           418           766
CNNEarly Start/Starting Point        466           235           283
MSNBCMorning Joe        450           165           206
CNBCSquawk Box          89            24  44
HLNMorning Express w/ Meade        283           164           233

Net5PMP2+ (000s)25-54 (000s)35-64 (000s)
FNCFIVE, THE      1,450           266           580
CNNSituation Room        653           114           209
MSNBCHardball WITH C. MATTHEWS        875           123           272
CNBCMONEY IN MOTION        152            33  62
HLNEVENING EXPRESS        104            24  51

Net6PMP2+ (000s)25-54 (000s)35-64 (000s)
FNCSPECIAL RPT W/BRET BAIER      1,621           290           631
CNNSituation Room        446           150           187
MSNBCPOLITICS NATION        903           154           285
CNBCMad Money        140            41  66
HLNEVENING EXPRESS        120            47  59

Net7PMP2+ (000s)25-54 (000s)35-64 (000s)
FNCThe Fox Report W/S.SMITH      1,334           216           470
CNNERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT        289           104           134
MSNBCHardball WITH C. MATTHEWS        784           115           247
CNBCKudlow Report        124            30  46
HLNJANE VELEZ-MITCHELL        336           111           211

Net8PMP2+ (000s)25-54 (000s)35-64 (000s)
FNCTHE OREILLY FACTOR      1,675           251           573
CNNANDERSON COOPER SPCL RPT        318           149           178
MSNBCEd Show        649           154           219
CNBCCOCAINE COWBOYS        113            43  56
HLNNancy Grace        293            77           146

Net9PMP2+ (000s)25-54 (000s)35-64 (000s)
FNCSTOSSEL      1,198           204           493
CNNPiers Morgan Tonight        291           112           154
MSNBCRachel Maddow Show        595           172           228
CNBCCOCAINE COWBOYS        187            92   99
HLNJANE VELEZ-MITCHELL        192            73   98

Net10PMP2+ (000s)25-54 (000s)35-64 (000s)
FNCON THE RECORD SPCL        794            90           300
CNNANDERSON COOPER SPCL RPT        251           107           132
MSNBCMSNBC INVESTIGATES        261           120           114
CNBCAMERICAN GREED        260           171           197
HLNNancy Grace        160            66           104

Net11PMP2+ (000s)25-54 (000s)35-64 (000s)
FNCTHE OREILLY FACTOR        596           121           306
CNNERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT        196            79           102
MSNBCMSNBC INVESTIGATES        273           146           136
CNBCMad Money        128           108           115
HLNSHOWBIZ TONIGHT          93            59  52

Other than O'Reilly who feeds daily throngs of sycophants with his daily inane bloviation, it should be no surprise the numbers show viewership that could be (I say could be) influenced by those who seek libido charges, those who are loyal to the network, and those who prefer the show content. A salient point is, does the potential for Fox News and CNN viewership lend to numbers that draw advertisers.   Brian Kilmeade' jokes are probably more a humorous Freudian Slip, than an outright out of the question joke.

We are moving towards a series of video segments quickly drawn together via YouTube. Before the set of video links, we ask that you take a moment for a quick review of data that indicates a nation that is growing increasingly absorbed with pornography.  The data and its posting here is in no way intended to associate Fox News with porn. We are, however, making the connection that the network most assuredly appeals to more prurient considerations as it goes about broadcasting its right-wing propaganda.  Augmenting firebrand rhetoric with salacious exposition of the female anatomy, in some ways tend to demean the quality of news delivery while tapping into factual growing attention to sex-oriented media. 

First, a quick look at information related to adult viewing of that dreaded video genre called pornography. The link is provided not for sake of prurient satisfaction. It is provided to show adults (men and women) are increasingly tuning in to porn and they are doing so while at work. The data is also not provided an an indictment of your personal preferences or in contempt for the cinematic genre. 

Viewing pornography grows...... 

Pure Hope Dot Net  (LINKED

  • 12% of Internet websites (4.2 million) are pornographic (
  • Every second $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography (
  • Every second 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography (
  • Every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is being created in the U.S. (

Internet & Television Pornography

  • 70% of 18 to 24 year old men visit pornographic sites in a typical month. 66% of men in their 20s and 30s also report being regular users of pornography. (First-person: the culture of pornography, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Baptist Press, 28 December 2005)
  • 40 million U.S. adults regularly visit Internet pornography websites, and 10% of adults admit to Internet sexual addition (Internet Filter Review, 2006).
  • 20% of men admit accessing pornography at work (Internet Filter Review, 2006).
  • The number of television sexual scenes has almost doubled since 1998. 70% of all shows have some sexual content — averaging 5 sexual scenes per hour compared to 56% and 3.2 scenes per hour respectively in 1998. (Sex on TV 4, a Kaiser Family Foundation study, November, 2005)

Business Insider 

There are more than 26 million porn sites.

The online porn industry makes over $3,000 per second

The online porn industry makes over $3,000 per second

There are 40 million regular consumers of online porn in America

There are 40 million regular consumers of online porn in America

U.S. consumers account for over half of all online porn revenue

U.S. consumers account for over half of all online porn revenue

8% of all emails sent are pornographic

8% of all emails sent are pornographic

1 in 4 search queries is about porn

1 in 4 search queries is about porn

More than a third of all downloads are porn

More than a third of all downloads are porn

Most people searching for porn DON'T search for 'porn'

Most people searching for porn DON'T search for 'porn'

Utah residents subscribe to porn sites more than anyone else

Utah residents subscribe to porn sites more than anyone else

People get more porn than they want

People get more porn than they want

It's a tiny part of the whole, but there is still a terrifying amount of child pornography out there

It's a tiny part of the whole, but there is still a terrifying amount of child pornography out there

Kids start seeing porn at age 11

Kids start seeing porn at age 11

1 in 5 men watch porn AT WORK

1 in 5 men watch porn AT WORK

Again, we make no direct connection porn as we highlight Fox News flirting cameras, Kilmeade's joke about casting from Victoria Secrets, Ailes's comment of his perception of the "HOT" Palin. We are, as stated above firmly in belief the networks,a s part of News Corp, Inc. will stoop to any level to secure revenue garnering prospects for advertisements. {Note: While most exhibitions to follow are from Fox News or former Fox news employees, it should be noted a couple of vids are of non-Fox News "exposers".   Also, we point out data above reflects women are consuming prurient video entertainment and their viewing is gaining in numbers.}  

Should we say, enjoy!

This exhibition is the most obvious of 'shows' available, and it is obvious.

Accidental?  I wonder!

Anchor appears to try the coy approach.  The hand movement seems so artificial and contrived.

Post Script

Sexy Lady News Anchors Are Rotting Your Brain!

Indiana University researchers Maria Elizabeth Grabe and Lelia Samson had 400 subjects watch one of two short newscasts featuring the same 24-year-old journalist. In the first, she "was dressed in a tight-fitting dark blue jacket and skirt that accented her waist-to-hip ratio," bright red lipstick, and a necklace. In the second version, the woman wore "a shapeless and loose-fitting dark blue jacket and skirt," with no lipstick or jewelry. 
The result: Men retained less information from the report when it was presented by the more attractive version of the anchor, and "saw the sexualized version of the anchor as less suited for war and political reporting." Women recalled more information from the sexualized anchor, but the effect was far less pronounced than with male subjects. What the anchor was wearing had no impact on whether or not female subject felt she was competent. 
On, Tom Jacobs quips, "While the results of that scenario are speculative, this paper offers one more reason why Fox News viewers are so ill-informed on so many issues," and links to racy GQ photos of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. Compared to when cable news started in the '80s, there's obviously been a push to feature more attractive anchors, but is it fair to blame their appearance for the fact that a frightening number of Americans can't name a single Supreme Court justice and think President Obama is a foreign-born communist?

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