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Sunday, December 30, 2012

GOP's Lindsey Graham: Always The Easy Fix!

This man is a major part of, and an, indication of just how much the GOP hates the thought of continued Social Security and Medicare for older Americans   Raise the eligibility age?  How simple, how trite, and how GOPish?

Nothing ever changes with the GOP. But, alas should we be surprised?  The very definitions of conservative speaks to that party on the Right

Graham is a wealthy member of Congress. While entitlement programs (That working people contributed to) is a fiscal problem for the nation, why does the GOP always reach to restrict the benefits for those who need the assistance?  How about starting with "removing the CAP" on Social Security Payroll Tax.    Is it really fair to continue to allow the nation' s higher paid or higher income earners a free tax payment ride after they reach $110,000 in annual earnings?   Center for Economic Policy (CEPR) makes a critical point  Social Security does not contribute to the deficit. In fairness, some researchers and organizations disagree with CEPR.

As to Medicare, why not try another step before taking the ax to the program?  How about allowing for prescription drug negotiations?

People like Lindsey Graham sat and held their angst and fiscal facade as George Bush cuts taxes and started wars. His voice was not heard as the nation embarked on our current fiscal mess. Yet, they come on television every Sunday railing about spending and reaching over to middle class and programs for the poor with a scalpel.

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