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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jon Stewart Tackles Fox News Again!

Jon Stewart War On Christmas

Every Post Thanksgiving (within one week of the national celebration) Fox News launches its ratings garnering "War on Christmas" campaign.

The Fox News campaign is as fake as George W. Bush's claim of "compassionate conservatism". The last compassionate conservative passed away many years ago. If compassionate conservative does not drive home the point, how about some WMD?

Jon Stewart works his stinging responses to Fox News, when The network deserves a stinging response.  

Stewart and his producers know how to set a segment stage. If any network starts a stinging segment with a visual of Steve Doocy as the backdrop  you know there will be some railing against stupidity.

All Hail, Jon Stewart and Comedy Central.....

If you have a few extra minutes, take a read of a couple of pieces we put together on Fox News and their "War on Christmas" ratings blitz.

Fox News' Annual Christmas Ratings Draw: "War on Christmas" 

The Progressive Influence: The real war on Christmas

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