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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Dying GOP Deploys The "Big Fix"

A dying political party.....

You people who support the GOP should watch your political leaders very carefully.  Conservative America is in a precarious position: its politics (ideology, strategy and leadership), its governance, and  its values and principles are showing signs early stages of oligarchy that can only to destruction of the nation.

America's political landscape and accompanying social mores are hovering just left of center. The GOP lost big this past November. The nations demographics are changing in directions contrary to the GOP base. The party over the past two years has exposed itself in most inappropriate ways......

From voter suppression strategies through outright attempts to violate voting laws by members of the GOP, party officials and various operatives, the party work to win the General elections in the most underhanded of acts.  The party has a solid lock on the US south (a majority of southern voters) and the majority of voters in sparsely populated states.  They have no worries about winning those states.   States that are up for grabs (so called swing states) have become fertile ground for deploying sickening southern strategy and "fear the minority" politics.  The party campaigns in the lowest denominators of shameful.  Of equal shame and reprehension; forty-seven percent the nation's voters flocked to voting booths in support of such neo-con practices. 

All strategy aside, the GOP lost the General Elections handily.  President Obama won 51 percent of the vote with a winning margin of  5 million voters . General Election presidential results . President Obama won the Electoral Vote by a landslide: 332 to 206 for Obama).  Despite the millions spent by uber wealthy supporters and 24/7 barrages of Right-wing media dogma and demagoguery, Mitt Romney and the GOP lost in November and even gained seats in both Houses of Congress.   

It must have been clearly obvious the GOP needed new strategy. Strategy that in plain language smacks of a small group of people working to takeover the government of a nation. A small group that so obviously works as political "offensive linemen" for the wealthy, Republicans no longer actually deny their 'circled wagons' to protect the wealthy.

Changing demographics and the posted election exit poll results poses a serious problem for GOP governance.  What do humans and animals do when cornered?  They resort to desperate measures to secure space, breathing room, or to open the closing playing field.  Under the leadership of the most underhanded and shifty RNC Chair, the GOP has come-up with strategy that should garner attention. Priebus and his party are going after the Electoral Vote.  

Over the past few decades US voter shave been vocal about doing away with the Electoral College.  Of course,  we know the real prospect of supplanting the College with elections decided by the popular vote. Yet survey after survey have indicated popular support for elections by popular vote.

In October 2011, Gallup published a detailed survey supported piece about popular support of elimination of the College. 

Support for using popular vote rather than electoral college
Attitudes on the electoral college were impacted more by the possibility of George Wallace winning enough southern electors in the 1968 election. Many people feared that Wallace would win enough southern states to deny Richard Nixon a win in the electoral college and the George Wallace would use that leverage to get a deal from Nixon to roll back civil rights laws.
Support for constitutional amendment to get rid of electoral college 1967-198

The 2000 Election and George W. Bush's (Jeb Bush and SCOTUS) win of Al Gore heightened arguments to eliminate  the electoral college.  The fires of malcontent subsided over time like much political discord. In America, time is the most effective weapon against political change. Talk of the Electoral College subsided, until the GOP decided its was a viable strategy as a spin-off from its 2010 election wins.  

States that were quickly gerrymandered in 2011 are becoming potential targets of GOP malfeasance.   Post November 2012, the GOP decided to move to additional gerrymandering in an effort to win elections in none red states.

A quick and revealing 'false reality' from the RNC Chair.

Politics Nation, Al Sharpton (20 second extract segment)

Does Priebus fail to understand the GOP principles as soiled as they are have been rejected by the majority of the nation?  What is it about 5 million votes and a landslide electoral victory does he not understand?  Did mention electoral landslide?   

The business of gerrymandering the electoral college to win  future elections.  

MSNBC's Zachary Roth
The GOP’s new strategy: Rig the game 
@zackroth 3:11 PM on 01/24/2013
Republicans have lost the popular vote in five out of the last six presidential elections. Their party and its agenda are deeply unpopular. And demographic shifts will only make their task harder in the coming years, as minorities and young voters become an ever larger share of the electorate. 
So what’s the GOP to do? Rig the game, of course. 
Thanks to a remarkably successful gerrymandering operation carried out in the last two years, Republicans comfortably retained control of the House of Representatives last fall despite Democratic candidates winning nearly 1.4 million more votes. And now, the GOP is trying to mess with the rules of the Electoral College to get an anti-democratic leg up in the race for the White House.
Now, let's watch and listen to how it all works. Either view segment below delineates the underhandedness and desperation of the GOP.   Both segments will leave you with a full picture of a shifty and conniving Reince Priebus and his GOP. 

Politics Nation (8 Minutes)

The Ed Show (13 plus minutes)

The ultimate question. Will America's conservatives stand for such mind-boggling efforts to fix or rig elections. How democratic are such strategies?  If a political party would resort to rigging as promulgated by the GOP, is it even possible the party seeks the best interest of the American voter?

Huffington Post illustrates how America could come under the spell of a destructive political party.

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