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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

GOP Voter Fraud

Political sign bought and paid for via the GOP in Ohio. The billboard was placed near a predominantly African_American neighborhood.

We are posting a quick snapshot and Facebook meme of one case of voter fraud that provides evidence that people do cheat at the voting booths.  

Text below is from a Huffington Post article.

Notice anything that smacks against Voter ID, and other voter GOP suppression measures?  Look close!!!

"A Nevada Republican arrested for voter fraud in the 2012 election, after claiming she was trying to test the system's integrity, pled guilty and accepted a plea deal Thursday, forcing her to pay almost $2,500 and promise to stay out of trouble.

Roxanne Rubin, 56, a casino worker on the Las Vegas Strip, was arrested on Nov. 3, 2012 after trying to vote twice, once at her poling site in Henderson and then at a second site in Las Vegas. The poll workers at the second site said that she had already voted, but Rubin said that she hadn't and insisted on casting a ballot, which the poll workers refused to allow her to do.

Read more via Huffingtotn Post

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