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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Keystone XL Pipeline Protest Continue

UPDATE 1.9.13  (Blockade an Office)

Yesterday we promised to post a few links to previous pieces we developed related to the Keystone Pipeline. We remain committed to our opinion and position the project is a major mistake about to be perpetrated by 1% (ers) who care far less about the US geographic environment than profits. (Update

The Keystone XL Pipeline has some application within the confines of our borders, but its primary existence, functionality and operations are focused on oil products to the Orient, specially China.
Linked.image. Does this make any real sense?

Why does Canada not have plans to build the pipeline across its western provinces?  We are perplexed with no confirmed answer. However, we have read that many in Canada do not wish to have the pipeline exit continental Canada via their western borders. If true, WHAT? 

We offer a couple more points before posting a few back links.

A short digression into fracking and the environment.

During the Bush Administration and the passing of an energy bill, Dick Cheney's Halliburton was given opportunity to use an invention for which the company had sole rights to the technology (and may still have such).   Halliburton was actually given an exception from compliance on certain parts of the EPA regulation. The Halliburton Loophole gave Dick Cheney's former employer (for which he large holdings in abeyance serving as VP) the rights to Fracking .  If you follow environmental news or if you visit with Sunday late afternoon news shows like 60 Minutes you have seen the downsides of Fracking.  If not, we offer two quick video links: a.) What is Fracking, b.) Impact in one community (8 minutes).  

Fracking may provide energy for the nation and export opportunity, but it has documented negative impact on people and the environment. We offered the short digression into fracking as critical to our position on the Keystone Pipeline. Fossil fuel extraction and transport has ever-present potential (threats) to ruin environments.  As stated in the piece posed yesterday, one has to look no farther than TransOcean and the US Gulf of Mexico and many oil spills from shipping transport of crude oil and via pipelines.

One last point, when we discovered that President Obama had approved the southern leg of the pipeline it was devastating.  We can only hope rational thought 'trumps' profit motive and politics as the administration consider the northern leg of the Pipeline.  The project will not only span parts of sensitive ecosystems, it will touch into our agriculture belt and it will come far too close to the nations main inland river system: the Mississippi River.

Decision that benefit 'big energy' often work against 'the good' for people.

Please excuse fuzziness of image

Path of proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Click image for larger view. (Source: State Department)

Without Expansion
The Keystone XL represents the final two phases of a $13 billion, 3,800-mile pipeline system owned and operated by TransCanada. (See map and excerpt:encoded.) Its proposed U.S. path would enter Montana and cut across South Dakota and Nebraska before joining with Phase II in Steel City, Kansas — crossing some of our wildest and most productive lands, including our agricultural heartland and the Ogallala Aquifer, which supports a huge part of our nation’s breadbasket.

US Pipelines (and Candian sources)

CLICK for Larger View


A few past pieces on the Keystone Pipeline: (The list is not comprehensive we have chosen a few from 2011 and 2012.) 

I. Why The GOP Obsession with The Keystone Pipeline XL?
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II. The Progressive Influence: Keystone XL: JOBS? Pants of Fire! How ...
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Apr 13, 2012

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