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Thursday, February 21, 2013

American Liberals Times OP-ED.... "Sequester?"

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Basashi (raw horsemeat) from Towada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Posted on February 21, 2013

Op Ed 

Republicans are all over the airwaves and the internet today screaming and yelling what I believe to be the lie that the so-called “sequester” is “the president’s sequester” when they should know damned well by now that there was never any mention of such a draconian measure until it was included in a power point presentation given by the speaker of the house to one of his committees way back in 2011.

Republicans, it seems to me, are trying to shift the blame now and looks to me like they are doing everything in their power to make the coming disaster look like “Obama’s Fault.” Isn’t that what some of them do best?

Another reality check for those who don’t always pay attention: There were reportedly one helluva lot of right wingers in congress who voted for the sequester in the first place so now is not the time to be right-winging the blame onto the president who, in what I think was another failed attempt to reason with a-wads, simply went along with the measure.

After all, in the best case scenario, the sequester was supposed to be a harsh enough measure that anyone in their right mind would never have allowed it to actually happen but then one has to consider the fact that we are dealing with Right Wing (“thinking”) – - – ( wait for a minute while I get my tongue out of my cheek again ) – - – and whether you can call that a “Right Mind” can be kind of an adjective doubled-edged sword, can’t it?

Anyway, I have been looking at the list of “hits” the economy is bound to take once the Repug Sequester kicks in on March 1st ( It won’t all happen at once – - like anything else done by some who share the ambitions of a few over in the far right wing crazy faction, the effects of sequester, for the most part, will most likely come on softly like a thief in the night and will probably appear more subtle than any beastie of the field.
This is how something that might have been fabricated by the somewhat popular figure known as “The Devil” is reputed to work its destructive magic - – it appears to be enticingly worth while at first glance and then once people have gotten their feet wet in whatever it is, they suddenly discover that something has started eating their feet – - or ( best case scenario) stealing their shoes. This looks to me a lot like anything but a “Christian-Like” development, this sequester thing!

I note that some “ex-spurts” are predicting that the sequester will cause a situation where there are expected to be a whole lot less Federally employed food inspectors on the job.
“Well, I thought to myself,” that’s a fine kettle of fish because as I understand it, the food inspection group is already underfunded and short-handed as it is ( again , I believe, because of Republican budget whacking) and I am thinking that maybe that is the reason the great “Horse Meat In Your Grocery-Bought Beef” scandal has erupted in the past few days. Yeah, that’s right! Somebody ( read about it on the internet) has reputedly ( allegedly) discovered horse DNA, donkey DNA and pig DNA in certain meat products that people buy with confidence and stuff down their gullets every day of their lives. There has reportedly been a lot of newly-minted vegetarians since that news broke.

But if the sequester kicks in ( and it certainly looks like it is going to ) there are expected to be even less food inspectors than there are now and God only knows what kind of “extraneous materials” (define that as “crap” ) greedy corporate food processors might see fit to allow in the stuff we eat. . . and, most likely, get away with it Scot free!

That’s one of the prices we are probably destined to pay for that old “Republican” stand-by called “Smaller Government.” We get our food supply corrupted due to a shortage in Federal food inspectors.

Thanks a lot, righties!

I don’t even want to think about standing for an extra two or three hours in an airport once the sequester kicks in and causes a cut back on Federal TSA employers or what the hell ever it is supposed to do within the air transportation system – - but the eggs-spurts are talking about “delays” in-transit at airports. Can’t wait! The good part as far as I am concerned is that there are probably as many “True Believer” right wing idiots who fly as there are Libs, so the inconvenience will be spread around at least. That is some consolation to a fanatic Libber like me to be sure! Snark!

More benefits expected from the Republican Sequester:

1. Less unemployment benefits for those who are not working – - the benefits are expected to be trimmed by almost 10 per cent in many cases.

2. Meat prices are reportedly expected go through the roof ( again) . . .

3. Older folks who have been depending on things like home-delivered meals may have to get out the old can opener again.

-4. Head Start pre-schoolers might have to start staying at home with Mommy and Daddy a little more often because the sequester is expected to close the door to as many as 70 thousand kids from low-income families on such amenities as “Pre-School.” I wonder if the obstructionist intransigents in Rightie-Tightie Land are aware that there are a lot of children from Conservative families just the same as there are from Liberal families and I wonder if that makes a peck’s damn worth of difference to any of them?

5. If there is another hurricane or an earth quake or something, those who suffer property damage are probably going to get a pragmatic lesson in good old Republican “Self-Sufficiency” because the gubmint ain’t gonna have the money to come and fix things back up again like they have in times past.

If you want to read more about this damnable mess and how it got started, Read More Here:

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