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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fox News Is So Self-Revealing

Not Hannity, but revealing nonetheless.
We offer another example of the extent to which Fox News fails as a credible news network.  Sean Hannity and an interview with congressman Keith Ellison, (D) Minnesota.  Yes, you saw it correctly, that is a parenthetic letter D for Democrat. ON Fox News?  And, there-in lies a precursor of what was to come. Whether we prefer Fox News of not, it is impossible to argue about the lack of professional journalistic decorum. Sean Hannity's recent interview with Congressman Ellison provides inarguable evidence of complete journalistic malfeasance. How about a few linguistic examples observable in a video segment embed (below)? The following words or phrases came from the (on-air) mouth of Hannity.

Angry?  Rant? Rah rah, rah?  "Now you are a broken record."   "I invited you on the show!" (Hannity seems to have have implied, " shut-up and allow me to guide you through my propaganda and then you can respond". If you are naive or the susceptible sort, you may not realize Hannity used the angry black man dog whistle, "Why are you so angry?"  

Hannity spoke to Ellison as if it was an honor to appear on his show.  Of course, that could mean Hannity does not often ask real (non-conservative) interview subjects to appear on his show. In any case, I would call what you are about to see far worse than "yellow journalism".  I have referred to Fox News as the home of "Yellow Journalism", but this interaction with Ellison was outright WWE silly and the interaction illustrated (validated) a very unprofessional side of Hannity.

Ahhhh....Hannity skirt is showing.

He attempts to follow the latest GOP talking points "It is Obama's sequester", and runs into an authoritative insider (congressman) who will not accept the Fox News propaganda model. His first mistake; he was not 'guiding' the dim-witted Sarah Palin through a "facilitated"  interview.

The "facilitated" interview is a Fox News technique that should be patented. Of course, credible news networks have no use for the propaganda technique.  The "Facilitated Interview" : an interview between two people with the host providing a two to three minute influencing introduction (opine and demagoguery) and ends with a question. The paid respondent then responds as they are directed.  Hannity, Van Sustren and O'Reilly use the technigue often. Hannity and O'Reilly ofen show visible signs of anger when guest do not follow the technique. Palin was the perfect, "feed her a lead and let her talk" interview, for Hannity and Van Sustren.

Well, things did not workout with Congressman Ellison as he had hoped, that I am certain. The full six minute viewing is critical if you chose to view the segment.

We offer another example of a Fox News interview that did not go well or did not pan-out according to their script. The interview was quickly ended. I  am certain show managers in the broadcast booth wanted the interviewee off the air. Problem?  The interview guest is Tom Ricks Pulitzer Prize winning former reporter for the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

In fairness, the next day Ricks told an interview host on another network that he also has problems with MSNBC's Left slant, but was not as 'put-off' by MSNBC as Fox News handling of political coverage.

Another commitment to fairness. Tamron Hall of MSNBC conducted an interview with a conservative Washington insider and surrogate during the 2012 Campaign. Of course, she conducted many such interviews, but one stands-out. While I do not remember the interviewee's last name (First name Tim) I will state the interview was summarily ended by Ms. Hall. Since, you Fox News supporters will now seek out the interview, it ended with the interviewee continuing to speak.  It is important to point out the difference in the two interviews (Hannity vs. Hall).  Hannity used inappropriate "Gotcha" and child-like utterances as his guest was speaking.  While many on the Right love the "gotcha stuff" (in all childishness) it is not common among competent journalist and political commentators.   Truly intellectual viewers would find such behavioral manifestations a complete turnoff.

And the last sentence above provides an intriguing segue.

Huffington Post - MEDIA is reporting a drop in Fox News ratings for the month.

The good news? Fox News once again had the top 13 programs — much better than January, where it failed to sweep the top 10 for the first time in years and had its lowest ratings in the all-important A25-54 demo since 2001. "Special Report" also celebrated 50 months as the top-rated show in its hour. 
The bad news? Shep Smith, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity all saw huge drops in the demo from the same point in 2012. Hannity fell a staggering 35 percent from 2012, and O'Reilly fell 26 percent. It was the two mens' worst performance in the demo since 2006 and 2008, respectively. True, 2012 was an election year — but even though MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews also saw their ratings decrease, their ratings fell by much smaller percentages.
Is it possible some viewers are realizing the waste associated with watching and listening to the Fox New Public Relations  and Propaganda Network? After the November General Election,  the rational person should have experienced quite enough of news that lead so many over the precipice of the Karl Rove/Dick Morris political crevasse.

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