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Saturday, February 9, 2013

History Channel On Black History Month and The USS Constellation's Role In Our History

We thought a brief clip on the origins of Black History Month should be part of this month's archive. As you may know we devote a page to African American History and matters related to Civil Rights in America: History Buff Page.  The following are postings we are going to run here for a couple of days before moving to the History Buff Page.  While we see little need to focus on African American History over the course of a 28 days (Leap Year,  29 day) month, we recognize others may differ.  We post here today to be followed a more lengthy posting run on the History Buff Page.   

A brief look at the history of African Americans and Black History Month.

USS Constellation: Battling For Freedom (1:28:21) TV-PG L

The USS Constellation was a Navy flagship on a mission to halt slave smuggling off the coast of Africa. Watch this heroic tale unfold though the eyes of a young hunter who was captured from his village
For clarity sake, we much prefer more study of the black experience in North and South America throughout the year.

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