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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Iraq War Hubris: Bushed ...US History From The Dark Side

Rachel Maddow will broadcast a special this coming Monday evening that promises to hit close to home with the 'worse' president in US History.   A president who along with a crew of unethical war mongers, lied our nation into a war. The Iraq War was a war of personal vendetta and one that cost 4,500 Us lives.  The war took the lives of 100,000 (Estimated) Iraqis while yielding not on atom of WMD.  We should also mention John McCain's personal libido teasers known as the "Surge" did not stop the killing in Iraq. One thousand US troops lost  their lives during the so-called "surge". 

The BBC and an Iraqi perspective on McCain's surge.... (poll) Read color bar legend at bottom of chart first.

"The United States has increased the number of its forces in Baghdad and surrounding provinces in the past six months. Please tell me if you think this increase of forces has made it better, worse, or had no effect?"

Graphic: security situation

The results of the poll reflect a great degree of dissatisfaction with the US "surge", with a vast majority of respondents considering the move to have made the situation in the country worse rather than better.

See more linked above (poll)

Unfortunately, during the course of the 2007/2008 campaign candidate Obama made the grievous mistake of saying the surge was an overwhelming success.  McCain on the other hand lives and breathes 'surge" when he is actually chasing an oasis. 

We will also remind the Iraq War was one leg of a triad of federal malfeasance that contributed to our economic toes dipping into early stages of an economic depression.   The other two legs" The War in Afghanistan and cutting taxes that dis-proportionally benefited the nation's wealthy.  Of course, passing an unfunded Medicare Prescription Plan also contributed to a Bush Legacy of fiscal insanity.

The following is a 'deck' from the Rachel Maddow Blog. We offer "kudos" to Michael Isikoff who has once again led in investigative journalism that matters.

We are posting this piece as an unabashed advertisement for the Monday evening special.


How the Bush administration sold the Iraq war

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