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Friday, February 8, 2013

Marion Piperni: The Fox and The GOP

Cross posted from Mario Piperni Dot Com. ...Yes the Fox.....  If you like cerebral visuals with your politics ..Journey over to enjoy!

The Fox and the GOP


Ana Marie Cox has a great piece in the Guardian on the changing relationship between Fox News and the Republican party. She captures the essence of the current relationship in this wonderful observation on how Fox and the GOP play off each other in fabricating conspiracies – in this example, Benghazi.

Witness the coverage of Benghazi, where conservative outrage on the channel remains strident and forceful and in harmony with Republican officials, despite the willingness of most of the country to move on to matters closer to home. It’s a positive feedback loop that spirals into irrelevance:Republicans pursue a conspiracy that only Fox viewers believe, based on reports only Fox airs, and new information gets hammered into a shape that fits the existing narrative. 

Exactly right. Cox’s entire piece is well worth the read.


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