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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Income Inequality...A Video You Will Not See On Fox News

The following video is going viral!  Personally, I am pleased with its dissemination.

Income inequality will become the Achilles Heel of America if balancing measures are not applied.   My interest in receiving money form wealthy Americans is about a real as my interest in being struck by lightening I can only think of a few things I relish less (e.g. homeless, death, GOP presidents).

Yet a few dynamics are percolating that are very bothersome.  The increasing growth of top level 15 to 20% earners in compassion to numbers of people falling not poverty is a serous issue.  If you have read the TPI, you know of my extreme aversion to the new (Circa 1970ish) emergence of the 'over-the-top-compensated' CEOs.   You may also know of my contempt for those of us who are privileged via hard work or not, to funnel million to off-shore accounts or maintain "shadow companies" (like a former presidential candidate)

Join thousands in this brief exposition.

As you move away for the video, know one thing.  There is a wealthy person out there who will be more than happy to look down upon you.

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