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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Sequester and the Enlisted Guardsman


Submitted by Lamb12, adjoined and expanded by The Pardu, and thanks to the anonymous Facebook poster.

The sequester hits tonight at mid-night.  

We have heard and observed the President crossing the nation communicating to people and interacting with people who will suffer most from the forced budget cuts.  

We have heard the GOP from Jindal through McConnell, say the president is exaggerating the issue. By statement, the GOP says the president is 'lying' for affect. 

Well, have we not heard the GOP in the past? 

  • Did you not hear and read the GOP on the loan to two US automobile companies?  
  • Did we not hear the GOP rail about the soundness of the economy as the economy was literally crashing?  
  • Let's go back even farther, "Did we not heard Dick Cheney, John McCain, G. W. Bush and many others rail about how the US would be perceived as "Liberators".
  •  How about Bush's desire to privatize Social Security, well before the economic collapse?
Do you want to hear and see the ultimate evidence that the GOP is "yanking your chain" once again? 

I offer two examples.


A first hand exhibit of the extent to which the GOP cares nothing about us common folk, lies, and manipulates.  First, a website post from the Florida Guard Online web page.

Sequestration would have immediate and lasting impacts on Florida Guard

//  February 22, 2013  

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (February 22, 2013) — In the coming weeks, more than 900 Florida National Guard civilian employees – many of them uniformed Guardsmen – could be affected by furloughs triggered by sequestration.

“The bulk of our full-time workforce is civilian,” said Col. Brian Simpler, commander of the Florida Air National Guard’s 125th Fighter Wing, based in Jacksonville, Fla.
These furloughs will have an immediate and lasting impact on the Florida National Guard, not only affecting paychecks, but the Florida National Guard’s readiness to help fight America’s wars and cope with natural disasters.

“Our Adjutant General works very hard every day to make sure our three missions are met – that’s fighting our nations wars, providing response to disasters inside the state of Florida and also our community mission,” said Col. Perry Hagaman, chief of staff for the Florida National Guard. “Sequestration and furloughs will impact every one of those missions; but we work hard every day to make sure those impacts are reduced.”
“There will be a downgrade in our facilities, there will be a downgrade in our training levels, there will be a downgrade in our equipment and most of what we’ll see immediately is in equipment impact, along with personnel impact,” continued Hagaman. “When we furlough 900 employees, we will have an immediate impact to the Florida National Guard.”

The Florida National Guard is working to ensure that support will continue for ongoing federal missions including the air defense support mission the Florida Air National Guard provides to the southeastern United States.

“We expect to be able to support our air defense mission in the short term,” said Simpler. “But over the long term, we will see a degradation with support and being able to perform that mission as we see the budget cuts affect our training and flying hours.”

In addition to making sure Florida’s citizens are still protected, the Florida National Guard is also working to support its employees and their families whose incomes will be negatively impacted by the coming budget cuts.

“We will respond to the local emergencies – the state emergencies – but also to our people,” said Hagaman. “Our employees are our most important asset and we will do everything in our power to make sure they are taken care of during this process.”
Now,  for a really relevant perspective from one who is directly impacted by the 'sequester'.  The writer took the statement from the Florida Guard Online page and added comment.  I will add the writer makes comment that is as basic as needed  to illustrate salient points.
Hi all.  So, day one of sequester is upon us and though the sky is not falling as of yet, there are signs of cuts looming. My friends is in the National Guard in Florida. they were sent this notice today. Thought you all might like to see it.

So stated and the literal essence for "common folk". We have people in Washington DC making decisions working few hours and days (the Congress), earning six figure pay (and free health care) that affects our lives on a minute to minute basis.
And that is sad!

FDR Lives,"...(The GOP) cross their hearts and hope to die..."

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