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Friday, April 26, 2013

A Look Back At Lingering Anti-Obama Propaganda From Dick Cheney

Last August Fox News Sean Hannity gave Dick Cheney opportunity to propagandize against President Obama as the nation moved towards the November General Elections.

"Obama is a terrible president." Cheney railed.  And he did so without one iota of evidence to support his false diatribe.

Time for a bit of perspective.  Perspective is critical as we move away from  April 25, 2013: Bush Library day.  Yesterday, Pew Research published a Daily Number piece.  The piece includes approval  rating data from the Bush inauguration through his departure from the Oval Office in 2009. The data and focus of the piece is George W. Bush with respect to the dedication of his library and his public perception as he left office.  Dick Cheney is included in on chart as he was culpable in administration of the verifiable worse presidential administration in recent US History.

We at the TPI have written and published many pieces about Bush/Cheney actual job performance (policies, practices, malfeasance and failures). Let's take a very brief peep at Cheney's approval ratings.  We offer approval ratings based on the data as a true measure of credibility from the perspective of voters and polling survey respondents.

A Case of Credibility

Addictinginfo Dot Org

By CBS News (article excerpts)

(CBS) President Bush will leave office as one of the most unpopular departing presidents in history, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll showing Mr. Bush’s final approval rating at 22 percent.  

Seventy-three percent say they disapprove of the way Mr. Bush has handled his job as president over the last eight years. 

Vice President Dick Cheney also leaves office amid negative perceptions, as his approval rating stands at just 13 percent.

As Fox News trots-out the aging and increasingly inane Dick Cheney, the network fails to care that data trials exist. Data trails that place Cheney's rambles and self-serving drivel in true perspective.

Cheney just before the 2012 elections, "Obama is a terrible president", did not move voters to casting vote for Romney. The Hannity interview has other implications.  As the Bush Library was dedicated on April 25, 2013 (to open in May), the one-day politically correct drivel and oozing about Bush was disingenuous and frankly sickening.

Data Trumps Emotion And Propaganda

It only takes a few minutes to locate 2009 data indicating President Obama's economic team's success in stopping the nation's slide into an economic depression. A depression that would have proven disastrous for most of us who live in the American Middle and lower income strata.

President Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Stimulus) was signed into law February 17, 2009 (Q1 2009). as you view the following sets of data, it is important to keep in mind many economist felt the Stimulus should have been approved at the request $1.2 Trillion Vs. the GOP shaved $787 billion dollars. Additional Stimulus could have proven even more effective at turning around the critically ill Bush economy. (The financial and economic mess left for Obama and the democrats)

Market Commentary: October 29th, 2009: 10 am (PST). Posted by Manu Walia
“Today’s moderate increase for third quarter GDP should provide some psychological lift for consumers and businesses since it is the first positive growth for the overall economy in just over a year. And financial markets are likely to like it since it is all about expectations and the advance estimate topped expectations. Real GDP in the third quarter rebounded an annualized 3.5 percent, after declining by only 0.7 percent in the second quarter. The third quarter boost came in above the market consensus for a 3.0 percent increase.”

GDP Q3 Oct 29 2009

“Jobless claims are not offering a clear indication of what to expect for the October employment report. Initial claims held steady for a fourth straight week, edging 1,000 lower to 530,000 in an Oct. 24 week that was not skewed by special factors. The four-week average is at 526,250 and does show improvement, down about 20,000 vs. this time last month. Continuing claims, where the latest data is for the Oct. 17 week, fell substantially, down 148,000 to 5.797 million and, for the first time since April, bringing the four-week average below 6 million at 5.961 million.” 
Jobless Claims Oct 29 2009

As mentioned in our previous commentary this month, we believe that the economy is improving despite the naysayers and bearish economists. It is also true that the economic is primarily driven by the stimulus packages provided by the government which in turn is funded by tax payers.
Market Commentary: October 2nd, 2009: 8:00 am (PST). Posted by Manu Walia 
The September jobs report was disappointing-but the consensus may have grown too optimistic. In reality, job losses are not nearly as severe as earlier in the recession and the unemployment rate is drifting up slowly as expected.Nonfarm payroll employment in September fell 263,000, following a revised decline of 201,000 in August and a revised decrease of 304,000 in July. The September drop in payroll employment was worse than the consensus forecast for a 170,000 contraction. August and July revisions were down a net 13,000 (the net declines were worse). 
Source: Payroll Monthly and yearly change Oct 2 2009Civilian unemployment Oct 2 2009Source:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIJA)

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney first year in the White House
January 14, 200011,722.98
December 29, 200010787.99

Bush Administration Dow indicator (DIJA) high ( a high fueled by unregulated banks and sub-prime toxic assets lending)
October 5, 200714,066.01
October 9, 200714,164.53

Obama first-term Inauguration week (from the collapsing economy and as the new president takes office)
January 16, 20098,281.22
January 23, 20098,077.56

Obama Stimulus signed on February 17, 2009 (the DIJA low coming from Bush into the era of the stimulus)
March 6, 20096,626.94
March 13, 20097,223.98

Friday April 2013

April 12, 2013


April 19, 2013


World Markets from Bloomberg (April, 26, 9:30AM)

IndexStatus  LastToday's      Change
DJ IND. AVGopen14,712.08 11.28  0.08%
S&P 500 INDEX (CME)closed  1,585.16   6.37  0.40%
NASDAQ COMPopen  3,277.26 -12.73 -0.39%

The data clearly indicates the Obama Administration performed CPR on the Bush Great Recession thus preventing an economy from slipping into terminal cardiac arrests (AKA Economic Depression).

Just before the 2012 General Election and a mere five to six weeks after Hannity provided a non-evidence propaganda platform from the RightThe Business Insider's Henry Blodget published a fact laden screed. The Blodget screed is based on sets of data (in the form of a series of charts) from Mike Norman of Mike Norman Economics.

Mike Norman's charts are relevant in showing impetus and progress out of the Great Recession. As is the case with most who offer data to support an argument (re-elect Obama in this case) or use data to refute demagoguery and propaganda, Norman's data is clearly labeled to show the impact of the nation saving Stimulus. 

The TPI sought and received permission from Mike Norman to run the charts.  I remind, the charts were published a couple of weeks before the 2012 General Election and weeks after FoxPEN (Fox Propaganda And Entertainment Network) Gave Cheney his platform.
Here Are The Charts That Should Get Obama Reelected...Henry Blodget
Read more

Thanks to Mike Norman for allowing us to feature his chartbook.

Cheney makes the groundless claim that President Obama is a terrible president.  He cares not about the nation saving measures from the Obama Administration  By implication he gives the impression McCain/Palin would have served the nation more effectively than the 'proven' Obama'.   If the shallow implication was not so tragic, it would be funny.  

The previous screed took a bit of time. However, it was time well spent from a number of perspectives. 

First, Right-wing demagoguery and propaganda must be lassoed and corralled to confine it like a crazed maniac feeding those who tune-in for daily doses.  As is always the case, addictions are hard to break, especially once the addiction becomes a paradigm. I know people who completely abhor most actions by the current GOP, but those people cannot avoid their  long ago adopted and folded into their psyche paradigm of conservative.  So, they vote for Mitt Romney despite his representing a party that has proven financially and economically diastrous for the nation. 

If Liberals do not address FoxPEN propaganda  people who are on the fence will fall into the GOP and FoxPEN web of propaganda. People are voters and voters if uninformed elect bad leaders.  I cannot find evidence that one Republican president since Dwight Eisenhower has done anything good for the nation.   Reagan "made us feel good" but the legacy of his presidency crumbles with research into actual good and bad policy and leadership.

Another critical reason to reach back nine months to Cheney's claim of Obama as a terrible presidents is our role in US History.  The Right would like nothing more than hiding the reality of Bush Cheney as failed and vindictive elected officials. I am reticent to refer to them as leaders due to the extent of the failures of their eight years in the White House.  If a person like Dick Cheney, who now does not even reach to interact with Bush and vice-versa, are allowed to paint Obama in a negative light without intervention it is like never intervening to save the drug addict. The drug addict will eventually die.    

For the nation the metaphorical addict is our nation's conservatives (collectively).  They cast votes that will eventually prove nation killing, if not countered with votes for progressive candidates. 

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