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Friday, April 19, 2013

James Hall And An Appeal To Sanity And Self-preservation

James Hall, co-founder and charter member of Obama for 2K12 Supporters posits.
Our African American kids are literally wiping out our future and our people in America. Is this why the GOP refuses to do anything about it? It's apparently working better than abortion, it seems to be working better than Eugenics, and it seems to be working even better Narcotics. 
Black Folks we need to wake up and take control of our house because the Government does not give a damn about this epidemic in our major cities. It's funny how when 9/11 happened we formed countless anti terrorism agencies and spared no expense to run two wars going after those who attacked us. We fight tooth and nail to keep guns and bombs out of the foreigners hands who could kill us. We wrote the Patriot Act and passed all types of legislation to spy on American's cellphones, follow suspects and installed cameras in all the major city centers to catch these folks on camera if it ever happens again. All this because since 1980 there's been 3,400 deaths due to terrorism.
The American GOP President at the time screamed "One American life lost to terrorism, is one to many." Which is true!! Here on American soil we have had over 900,000 gun deaths committed by american citizens against each other since 1980 and we cant even f**king pass a single bill that would require a background check for internet and gun show sales! On the internet those gun could be going to who the hell knows, because nobody would ever lie about who they are right? I guess here in America we'll do whatever it takes to keep the rest of the world from killing us because how dare them! Killing our own citizens is our job and we'll drone your ass for even thinking about it. What a pathetic system we have, when a few people with personal agendas and motives can ignore the will of 90% of the population who put them in office.

The following piece says it all and is both cogent and poignant in its message. 

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