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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quick Hit: Jon Stewart and, “the Human Centipede of news.” (CNN)
Mediaite published a piece on April 17th, 2013 that is purely entertaining and informative via its humor.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

As stated throughout this week, CNN's efforts to compete for Viewers (Conservative viewers) is  obvious. The problem is, the pioneer in 24.7 news has adopted strategy to tackle the king of 'yellow journalism  FoxPen (Fox Propaganda And Entertainment Network).

When electronic media professionals work to cleanse their airways of minority faces and commentary, while learning to adapt to a 'false' news entertainment model, the professionals general "F"-UP. CNN exemplified such in John King's "phantom" sources. I actually wonder if King's sources are employed by the conservative New York Post.

Rachel Maddow Thursday evening on false reporting and the New York Post.

The news business is the news business. Viewers and sponsors rule. The quest for viewers and nurturing sponsorship position cable network news comparable to US politics.   The dollar is first priority. 

When a former industry leading self-proclaimed "neutral" network moves right, things happen as delineated by the very effective Jon Stewart.  It is up to the millions of FoxPen and CNN viewers to demand better.  But, of course, with GOP members political and demographic numbers as is, I dread the thought these two networks will continue to appeal to the more nefarious in our nation.  

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