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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quick Hit Update : Ricin Laden Envelopes Sent To President Obama and Mississippi Republican Senator

Update: Many sources now reporting an arrest made.
2mThe ricin letters, allegedly written by Kenneth Curtis of Tupelo, Mississippi, were signed "I am KC and I approve this message."
Apparently, Curtis is a known letter writer to government officials. 

The arrested alleged suspect's name has been corrected to Paul Keven Curtis.  Kenneth Curtis was an inaccurate name.

Image via AoL and Reuters.

Obama Ricin Letter Arrest

Curtis is pictured int he Facebook photo with a bumper sticker that reads as you see it. If the vehicle is his vehicle or one for which he connects with the bumper sticker, my closing remarks (opinion) from a few days back are in correct.

End Update

President Obama was an apparent target of the same or similar terrorist responsible for yesterday's  Ricin laden letter to Capitol Hill (see below).   The horror of these letter attacks is simple and unquestionable terror. The perpetrators know that senators nor presidents open their own mail. The chance of the "perp" reaching his/her target is more remote than winning the PowerBall tonight.

They target to send messages and instill fear!  They target with the intent to harm any human being who opens the letter.  Thus, their acts are the acts of terrorism foreign born or US citizen. Moreover, it is impossible to separate the form the ranks of the criminally insane or form the sick world of the serial killer.

Before the following MSNBC video and yesterdays "Quick Hit" regarding Senator Roger Wicker's (R) MS. ricin attempt, a question.

All Americans who have taken exception to the elimination of terrorist of American origin without trial, the question as follows.  Would you support taking out the 'perp' who placed the bombs along the Boston Marathon route, if you had solid evidence the plot was unfolding? If you knew definitively the perp. was placing an obvious bomb, or intended to place a bomb. would you taken terminal action to intervene?  Finally would you have approved taking out Timothy McVeigh as he traveled to the Oklahoma Federal building that fateful morning?

MSNBC is reporting....

NBC News' Kristen Welker and WNBC's Jonathan Dienst discuss reports of a letter sent to President Obama containing a suspicious substance.
Senator Wicker's, (R) Mississippi, office was the target an Ricin laden envelope terrorist attack. The envelope which was intercepted by Capitol Police never reached its destination; the Congressman's capital Hill office.

Do you think this terrorism was the work of Left Wing extremist?  Of course, the question is rhetorical. Such acts are not the act of liberals or progressives.  The following news segment provides possible motive for the attack. Could the terrorist have issues with Wicker's intent to to support gun control measures?
There is a real sad reality associated with such terrorism.  If the perpetrators vote, there is a predominant prospect they do not vote Democratic. 

Think about it!

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