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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Koch's "Billionaire Donors Club", No Interest In Black Votes

Mother Jones
Next week, hundreds of business executives and wealthy conservative donors will arrive in Palm Springs, California, at the behest of Charles Koch, the billionaire industrialist and older half of the Koch brothers duo. The occasion is the latest Koch donor retreatdubbed the "billionaires caucus" by some, an exclusive, two-day confab with a speaker list that features governors, senators, and members of the House Republican leadership. It is the first Koch retreat since the 2012 elections.
Mother Jones Dot Com is becoming the progressive investigative media with no equal among bi-partisan and left leaning media.  From the now famous Romney 47% tapes through the recent Mitch McConnell (destroy Ashley Judd) audio tapes and frequent revealing investigatory pieces in between, Mother Jones is becoming the source for watchdog and stinging reports on American wealthy elitist and pandering politicians. 

A frequent objective of Mother Jones reporters and writers are the secretive and "nation grabbing" Koch Brothers as they work to promulgate an upper-crust oligarchy. You can rest assured the Kochs have no interest in influencing US politics because they fight for the good of the people. Their support of the American Legislative Exchange Council** and their annual "billionaires donors club" or "billionaires caucusretreats are visible and well known examples of what I call a developing, "The Hunger Game" class that will relegate American Citizens to mere pawns of the opulent and greedy few. Koch involvement in and support for causes that appear to work against our democracy and civil rights accomplishments go less reported. The perfect example is Koch affiliate efforts to re-segregate a North Carolina school system. Whether you prefer private schools over public schools is secondary consideration to overt efforts to re-instate any form of government supported school segregation.

According to Mother Jones the Koch 2013 retreat will include agenda recruiting political candidates to facilitate their personal conservative views and desires for shaping the nation.  Imagine the gall to actually propagate recruitment of political lackeys to do the bidding of the Kochs and their billionaire caucus.  The vast majority of Americans know that election to certain political offices carries opportunity for lobbying contributions to reelection hoppers.  More secretive is the obvious accumulation of wealth by politicians from the uber wealthy and corporations willing to buy 'their will". 
The retreat will also feature planning towards, "Another priority is improving the conservative movement's outreach to "growing demographics" such as Latinos, young people, and women." Is there any wonder why the Mitt Romney campaign web page very conspicuously omitted out-reach efforts in the African-American Community? 

Romney campaign website.

If the uber wealthy money men of conservative America attend an event with clear lack of interest in votes from the black community, I suppose Romney typically (and GOP appropriately) adjusted his actions via a website clean of any reference to African-Americans. If GOP money men have no interest in votes from the black community, rest assured members of the party will continue showing complete disdain for 13% of the US population.  

Mother Jones obtained an event preview which was emailed to attendees in March by a top Koch aide: Kevin Gentry.

EXCLUSIVE: Read the Koch Brothers’ Plans for Their Upcoming GOP Donor Retreat“ By Andy Kroll…

Mother Jones excerpt
“The Kochs and their acolytes believe it is their duty to stop what Charles Koch calls “the greatest assault on American freedom and prosperity in our lifetimes.” He began a September 2010 letter (PDF) outlining plans for an upcoming donor retreat by asking, “If not us, who? If not now, when?” At the Vail retreat, Koch said the 2012 elections will be “the mother of all wars.”

It is time for that recurring rhetorical question for the so-called "Black Conservatives." 
"Can You hear me now?"
Common Cause  (The Kochs and ALEC)

The American Legislative Exchange Council

Some of the nation's largest and richest companies, including Koch Industries, ExxonMobil, and AT&T, have joined forces to invest millions of dollars each year to promote the careers of thousands of state legislators and secure passage of legislation that puts corporate interests ahead of the interests of ordinary Americans.  
The American Legislative Exchange Council, also known as ALEC, counts among its members some 2,000 state legislators and corporate executives. They sit side-by-side and collaborate to draft "model" bills that reach into areas of American life ranging from voting rights to environmental protection. They work in concert to get those bills passed in statehouses across the country.
Bill Moyers released a video called The UNited States of ALEC in the Fall of 2012.  If you have never watched the video, you opportunity to do so here.

A full list of ALEC organizations is available here.  The link also includes a list of organizations which have left ALEC.

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