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Monday, April 22, 2013

UPDATE: Sequester: Obama Vs. GOP/GOTP..Who Will Suffer?

If you have read this piece and simply here to view updates, skip to the lower portion of the piece. We continue to update, but the impact of the Sequester is so pervasive we are falling behind in the updates.  We will revisit the updates in a few days.

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Do you think it possible people really think this image is cute?
Five days before the Fall General Elections Jones, Lang, LaShalle published the following info-graphic (see below .  We have spoken little about the intricacies of the sequester based on the extent of fine detail reporting necessary to properly cover the "poison pill" like measure.

Well, both conservatives in Congress and the Administration have partnered in swallowing the pill.  Forced budget reductions are upon us.  Now, let's see how long both parties will tolerate the impact of what yo are about the view.

After listening to a few experts and viewing a few others, I am not convinced the GOP welcomed the sequester.  If they are true budget hawks as they purport post Bush, all cuts should be welcome. Actually, Tea Party members in Congress probably welcome the cuts as much as their extremely shortened work week.

Exhibit: Fox News Cavuto and the extremely fiscal and "economically learned" Michelle Maulkin.

Exhibit: Rand Paul, "... the president is making stuff up..."

Exhibit: Rand Paul, "...its a pittance..."

Jones, Lang, LaShalle... five days before the 2012 General Elections.
2012 Presidential Election - Day 5 infographic"Sequestration: a fiscal cliff" (Remember link navigates to reports during the run-up to the Fall General Election.) Via: Jones Lang LaSalle 


We are going to attempt to track reports of sequester impact via the following section.  The US economy may not go into a tail spin and fizzle out (as it did towards the end of the Bush years), but let's see how the sequester impacts people. The GOP is throwing-out broad sweeps of "Obama is lying," while possibly relishing cuts they hope to deflect on President Obama.

Sequester up-date and travel log (4.7.2013)

Federal Agencies 

Military Readiness 


  • Workers furloughed in Syracuse, N.Y. -[Link]         
 Local and State 

  • Arizona School system cuts 
  • Medical response times lengthened in central Nebraska. [Link
  • Food pantry closures [Link
  • Rehabilitation center for Native Americans closed in Sitka, Alaska. -- [Link
  • Meals on Wheels cut in central Maine. - [Link
  • Fewer staffers for Head Start in Rio Grande Valley, Texas. -- A local Head Start chapter froze the hiring of 19 staff positions in order to meet sequester cut demands. [Link
  • Medical jobs at risk in Providence, R.I. -- Lifespan, the nonprofit parent of major medical facilities including Rhode Island Hospital association, acknowledged significant budget problems caused, in part, by sequestration. The funding issues could reportedly result in the loss of 3,000 jobs at that association by 2021. [Link
  • Shorter school week at Fort Bragg, N.C. [Link
  • Fewer children enrolled in Head Start in Cincinnati, Ohio. [Link
  • Work-Study jobs cut in Chapel Hill, N.C. [Link
  • Health care industry suffers in Dallas. [Link
  • Housing employees face possible layoffs in Joliet, Ill. [Link
  • School aid slashed in Knoxville, Tenn. [Link]
  • Atlanta Hartsfield to affect furloughs [Link]
  • Sequester furloughs Kick-in, Flight Delays Appear [Link]
  Federal Employment

Investor Performance
Private Sector

  •  Research employees lost in Durham, N.C. -- The Duke
  •  Clinical Research Institute is planning to "downsize" 50 employees. [Link]
  • Contractor jobs lost in southwest Oklahoma. -- Northrop Grumman Information Systems Lawton, Okla., site issued 26 layoff notices. [Link]
  • Health care jobs cut in Hampton Roads, Va.  [Link]
  • Health care workers laid off in Saranac Lake, N.Y. -- Adirondack Health, a medical center at Lake Placid, announced that was laying off 18 workers after firing 17 in December. [Link]
  • Education jobs lost in Sioux City, Iowa. - [Link]
  • Convention industry suffers nationwide. -- The cancellation of government trade shows and the reduction of private travel has begun taking a hit on the convention venue industry. [Link]
  • Tourism jobs take a hit in Savannah, Ga.-[Link]
  • Workers furloughed in Syracuse, N.Y. -[Link]   

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