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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

US Deficit And The US Treasury (John Liming)

John Liming writes via The American Liberal Times.

U.S. Treasury Reported To Be Kicking Some Deficit Butt!”

President Barack Obama at the Fiscal Responsib...
President Barack Obama at the Fiscal Summit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Date:  30/Apr/2013
Subject:  OP-ED by John Liming
To:  All My Valued Readers And Friends.
I Bet Some Of The Radical Righties And Obama Hater Types Will Be Filling Their Drawers On This One – - – Whatta Ya Wanna Bet?
The news is that The U.S. Treasury is about to pay off some of its debts for the first time in 7 years – - – according to the reports that I have been reading and to which I have linked a little farther down on this page.
And – - – of course – - – I can’t wait for all those hate bloggers out there to jump on this more than excellent fiscal news and start blubbering and yammering about how none of this has any thing at all to do with Obama’s policies.
Of course, I think most of my readers can already guess where I think the Radical Righties and the haters can stuff their bull feces about the president, the Administration, Democrats, Liberals and Progressives – - – right?
This is some great news as far as I am concerned and it proves at least three things to me – - – (1)  Obama’s fiscal policies are working – - – (2)  The recession is losing it’s grip – - – and (3) The bullshit that has been being spread around by some of the anti-Obama, anti-Government, anti-Democracy forces on the loony-bin fringe of the radical right are as wrong as they have ever been – - – which, in my opinion – - – has been forever – - – and on everything they have ever opened their mouths about when it comes to the economy, the president, the government, the People – - – or the country in general.
Aren’t you glad you vote Democrat?  Don’t you wish everybody did?
Read More and rejoice – - – and perhaps, gloat a little too:
Posted by John Liming at 8:55 am

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