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Friday, May 3, 2013

Barack H. Obama: 44th President & Commander-In-Chief, 212 Accomplishments (PCTC Blog)

Last year posted with permission a post from the PCTC Blog, The following is a link to the latest update. We have posted the blog here. We highly encourage all due credit go to the developer of the PCTC Blog for the enormous amount of work involved in updating this archive.  We have little doubt the archive will become a major historic piece as President Obama moves out of the Oval Office and into US History, (Please Cut The Crap).  

Let's counter all of the media "whoa is us" talk about the Obama Administration.  I heard Michael Steele, former RNC Chair, today speak about how President Obama 'blew" the gun control (Senate vote) issue. Steele went on to say that Obama does not use the bully pulpit.

"Does not use the bully pulpit!"  Since before Obama took office the GOP has plotted against him, and the nation, at every turn and on each occasion. Prior to the Steele comment, the following video segment ensued. The extracted segment places all negative remarks about our president in perspective. 

Tomey (R) PA. 

McConnell's historic proclamation


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