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Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheerios Ad Depicting Interracial Family, Met Wth Racist Ccomments On YouTube

What do you think of this Cheerios cereal advertisement?  Do you think it is cute, informative (as to health) and well crafted? 

Reports are a segment of the population finds the advertisement distasteful.


Did you notice what some find offensive? Offensive enough to flock to YouTube for 'safe" exhibitions of racism equal similar to that experienced by other persecuted peoples throughout history.  We have posted an excerpt from a Huffington Post piece related to the ad (below).  



As I have long posited since 1980 racism in the United States has metastasized into a full blown eruption. Among some Americans it is not only OK to proclaim their racism, it is fashionably "cool" to go overt. 

People like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich openly espouse racist oratory as a tool in their political toolkit, the GOP has osmosis-ed into party of 92% whites, and Right-wing media feeds the psyches of people who apparently hate our president primarily based in race. 

Since January 2009 and just after President Obama's inauguration, the newly founded and 'money backed' tea party allowed infiltration of overt and boisterous racist replete signs, placards and spitting on black members of Congress. David Duke Ku Klux Klan leader and former aspirant to the US Presidency published a rather long video in support of the Tea Party. 

The published a piece in 2010 that embodies the essence of what we see as growing and overt acts of racism in the United States. 

Despite social changes across the nation we are seeing a re-birth and re-energizing of both overt and closet racism.  Most people have moved from a paradigm of racism or bigotry via concerted efforts to be a different person. Others are stowing away racial indifference an intolerance and supplanting such with reality based life with less consideration of skin color.  Yet, noble efforts to realistically portray a changing society are, by some, met with hatred and racist acts. The acts we reference are not as overt as the images and video above.  We reference acts of racist people who flock to their desktop PCs and laptops to practice personal and closeted racism. They are people who are far more dangerous to the fabric of the nation than the quacks imaged above. The less overt racist provide a solid foundation for the  "southern strategy" the GOP uses for political leverage. "Leverage" that could eventually lead to a president and vice-president who could forever ruin all economic and social foundations of the United States. They are also more dangerous to a cohesive nation as they are fertile ground for state sanctioned racism that eventually leads (in all cases) to civil unrest (and in  genocide). The DailyMail piece above includes a militaristic dressed racist who declares he would disown his daughter if she chose to date a black man. The racist's comment is probably far more common than we will ever know, have known, or will admit to, but it is a reality that has been or is irrefutable. 

We offer kudos to Cheerios and Parent Company General Mills. Interracial relationships, LGBT relationship, Heterosexual relationships and singles makeup the populace of the United States.  Why should companies avoid use of realism in advertising when reality depicts a world averse to the racist or the bigot?

That said, note the carefully creative way the family is depicted.  The African-American father is physically removed from the white mother (separate rooms) with the catalyst of the advertisement, the daughter, delivering the message to the audience.  The advertisement seems the perfect pioneering depiction necessary to touch into reality and appeal to diverse audiences, while carefully avoiding the big taboos: touching, hugging, kissing and even dancing together

Kudos to General Mills and its Cheerios Brand Management. 

An adorable Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial couple and their daughter generated such a strong racist backlash on YouTube that the comments section had to be closed. 

The ad had received more than 1,600 likes and more than 500 dislikes as of Thursday evening. 

Prior to the closure, the comment section had been filled "with references to Nazis, 'troglodytes' and 'racial genocide,'" according to Adweek. 

YouTube comment sections have a reputation for breeding racist flame wars. CNN focused on the issue earlier this year, after a panel addressing racism and race on YouTube was held at South By Southwest:
"Everyone gets hate comments on YouTube," said Andre Meadows, the creator of the Black Nerd Comedy channel. "You can make the most wonderful video in the world and you will get 'Fake!' and 'Gay!'"
But for minority creators, "when you get comments, it seems to be targeted toward race almost immediately. A lot of people get 'dumb video, stupid video' -- but with mine it immediately goes to racial slurs."

We will leave this piece for your interpretation and contemplation.  

What will you do when your friend calls and rails about the disgusting Cheerios' ad?  what happens if the kids you have raised to avoid interaction with black people, sees the ad and ask you, "Mommy is that a black man lying on their couch?"   

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