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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Great and Relevant Sequester Meme!

A response to the Facebook meme (copied as is in informal Facebook style, so no issues with spelling). Some of us really cannot criticize spelling!

(Name deleted)This is of course, completely misleading as the money the Flight controlers used came from redistributing money dedicated to upgrading airports, not taken form these programs. It is not a "fair" comparison. If the airlines didn't do this then it would become even more difficult to conduct business for the few (yes, the fewest since 1979) people who work, pay taxes and support the rest of the country... What will it take to get this government to quite politicizing everything and just do the business they are getting paid handily for. cheesh!
The problem with this response  It is completely off the mark as we consider relevance.  I hear little about taking money from one program to pay for another (Implied human services).  I hear and read much (much) more concern with the fact the sequester was broken for sake of convenience to law-makers who regularly fly back and forth to Washington, DC.  The issue for us seems more about privilege and priority vs. meager dollars for Air Traffic Controllers!  

Additionally, I hear and read more about a defeat for President Obama.  After record breaking timing in pushing a bill through both houses of congress, Obama signed the bill.  How could so many Democrats including the president cave to such a level of privileged members of Congress?

The Facebook introduction of the poignant meme is as follows.
70,000 children kicked out of Head Start. 4 million meals for seniors eliminated. 125,000 Americans without rental assistance. But your next flight will be on time. End the sequester.
A case can be made regarding paying the salaries of the controllers.  I suggest, however, a much deeper meaning form the meme.  Why are the Congress and the Executive Branch stalled in a state of 'no place" while critical programs go unfunded?  While I have no idea of the political preferences of the Facebook commenter, the comment sees revealingly conservative and typically shallow.

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