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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Heritage Rids of Racist! Do You Think He Stood Alone? Comment from Black Conservatives?

3738_Heritage Study
Heritage should have gone ahead with adding spoken racism to this graphic.  Why not be upfront with the views of millions in the United States? Intelligence in this order: a.) white, b.) Asians, c. Latinos, d.) blacks.

A call-out to all the African-American conservatives who refuse to refer to themselves as African-American conservatives.  "Black conservatives" is their preference.  Despite Herman Cain's clear disdain for consideration of his  Africa ancestry, African-Americans have DNA and ancestral connections just as other descendants of "forced immigration" 250 plus years back into US History! 
Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Cain reiterated the fact that he prefers the term “black American” to “African American.” Cain’s race has been the target of prominent black leaders and other commentators, some attacking him for not being “authentically” black due to his conservative politics.
“My roots go back through slavery in this country. Yes, they came from Africa. But the roots of my heritage are in the United States of America. So I consider myself a black American,” Cain said.

"My roots go back through slavery in this country". Cain does not  want to connect to the roots of his ancestry.  Before slavery, I doubt there were many black people in the Colonial US.  How about a response to the Heritage Foundation analyst who was allowed to publish and speak openly about his (recent) racist PhD dissertation and subsequent Doctorate of Philosophy?

As a prelude to MSNBC broadcast regarding Richwine and a focus on the false cost of immigration from south of the border, we post a link to Richwine speaking at the American Enterprise Institute. If you are in any way repulsed by Richwine, simply do as did I, devote time and attention to the first 1:25 minutes of the four plus minute clip.

The Big Slice

Rachel Maddow Discusses A Racist Study Saying That Latinos Have A Lower I.Q. (VIDEO)

Last night on the Rachel Maddow Show, the host uncovered a dissertation by the co-author (Jason Richwine) of a Heritage Foundation Study that stated that Latinos naturally have a lower I.Q. than Caucasians. Not only that, but Richwine had also previously written articles for a web site led by the leader of a white nationalist think tank.
The Heritage immigration study was already roundly criticized for its claim that immigration reform would cost the American tax payer $6.3 Trillion, when most other studies see a net economic benefit to reform.........Rachel crushes it below.

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New Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint has disavow association with his racist analyst. Richwine was terminated (resigned) on May 10th.

 Martin Bashir lays Richwine and Right-wing racism bare!

 All In w/Chris Hayes delves a bit deeper

I must admit total amazement MSNBC seems to have chosen to avoid discussion of the Heritage racism via Al Sharpton, Politics Nation. 
Bashir and his guest do not explore the full extent of Richwine's racist dissertation.  

Some republicans have spoken out against Heritage and Richwine report.   Yet, I am not finding mention of repulsion to the extent it should be forthcoming.  Moreover, I am waiting to hear from the four per cent of the African-American population who affiliate with the GOP and its think-tanks. Shouldn't Sean Hannity reconvene this group and ask about increasing racial oozing from their political party.  

Heritage may have rid of Richwine, but let's face reality. Someone at Heritage hired the racist Richwine, and I doubt they had no idea of his social views including his avowed racism. We would be extremely naive, if we thought for one second the termination of Richwine cleansed Heritage of racist. 

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