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Monday, May 13, 2013

Issa Again Stumbles in Plain Sight And On The GOP Beloved Meet The Press

Meet the Press   |  May 12, 2013

Amb. Pickering: I offered to testify and was rejected

Ambassador Thomas Pickering responds to Congressman Darrell Issa’s claim that the diplomat should testify on the Benghazi incident.

Darrel Issa has excluded witnesses frorm testimony before the Oversight Committee on a few occasions. One notable exclusion that worked against the republicans in 2012 was Sandra Fluke.  The firestorm of Rush Limbaugh, GOP "Shock and Awe" and Issa'a failure to properly staff the witness pool on the Affordable Care ACA Hearings backfired on the gOP miserably. Issa's actions generated a tsunami herded-on by Limbaugh that rivaled Mitt Romney's 47% comments to the uber wealthy in Boca Ration Florida. You know the rest of that story? 

In fact, CUMULUS Media, Inc. continues to suffer revenue losses resultant from Limbaugh's three day guttural tirades against Ms. Fluke's accurate complaints about being denied opportunity to speak before the Oversight Committee.

I. Limbaugh on Fluke: "Slut, prostitute"
II. Limbaugh on Fluke: Let us watch you have sex!

It is important to keep in mind, Issa denied Fluke an opportunity to sit as a witness. In fact, not one woman sat as a witness; a fact that eventually contributed to Fluke's appearance and led to major national attention to GOP insensitivity to issues important to he woman of our nation.

This past Sunday's Meet The Press, noted ambassador Thomas Pickering threw a 'knuckle-ball' in Darrell Issa's appearance before the nation. We offer Pickering's remarks in two segments. As you watch the segments, note Issa's demeanor and antics. His over-talking and stammering came across like a criminal sitting with "good guy, bad guy" detectives in a interrogation room. During the second, longer segment, David Gregory seemed to dismiss Issa's stammering Palin-like mumblings for clarity from Pickering.

The remainder of the Meet The Press segment.....

You may have noticed Issa's sudden willingness to move the hearings of camera.  Off-camera, Issa?

Huffington Post via the AP's Phillip Elliott provides more detail about Pickering and his comments about Issa's investigation.  I should say false investigation and political attempt at a pre-emptive attack against Hillary Clinton and continued snipping at President Obama.

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