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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Keystone XL Pipeline: A Serious "SnowJob" Against The American People

There is an infographic at the end of this piece that shows the extent to which the Keystone XL Pipeline (Through Nebraska) will serve the nation.  The Pipeline will have zero impact on the price you and I pay for fossil fuel derivatives to power our cars or heat our homes! The project is critical to no one other than Trans Canada, the US Congress (those who get lobbyist money), and it is critical to import into Asian Markets (Specifically China). As we occasionally look closely at the "comings and goings" of the developing pipeline and as we move ever so close to approval, the extent of underhanded manipulation leaves a trail as littered as Baby Huey's path from the candy store. 

Fired due to scandal

We are starting to recognize the Keystone XL Pipeline Northern Leg will be approved by President Obama and the State Department. Our hope was on the side of the environment and growing evidence that no fossil fuel derivative pipeline is free of spills. 

We also realize the power of money and contributions to Congress has taken all humanity and sanity out of the legislative body.  Especially, the House where two years terms simply means members of congress are incessantly seeking contributions. Since the House, for the seventh time, voted to approve or expedite approval of the XL Pipeline, we looked earlier at he sponsor of the latest bill: Lee Terry (R) Nebraska.

As anticipated, Terry is among the many in Congress who receive contributions from big oil/energy. We also found he hasn't received one dime from organized labor the domain of liberal politics. Yes, Terry appears to be the prototypical Republican. 

What has us particularly perplexed is how an obvious conflict of interest was perpetrate regarding an Environmental Impact Statement for the TransCanada Keystone XL. The story is actually old news as we find evidence of sources digging deep as far back as 2011

There aren't actionable times left for what appeared as a corny Environmental Impact Study, but there is room for deep looks at how the US Congress benefit form the XL Pipeline and all things 'big energy."

In 2011 "Twelve (12) Facts About Money and Congress" made the rounds in social media.  The piece has a basic premise. "If you want to become wealthy get elected to Congress."

Twelve (12) Facts About Money and Congress: LinkedInsider information, a path to riches and the comfortable life.   It is impossible for me to avoid thoughts of money funneled from lobbyist to Members of Congress as influence peddling. Insider information is one thing, the buying of elected officials is literally strangling the life out of America. 

Just about time the "12 facts" made the rounds, the Washington Post published the graphic below. Don't forget the graphic was published in 2011.

As we look to fill-up our automobiles for summer trips, we thought it a good exercise to take a look at how consideration of the Keystone Pipeline could work to line the pockets of greedy immoral politicians from both parties. 

Let's take another look at the Think Progress infographic we posted yesterday.  

Photo: Something to think about when you're filling up this weekend

Via Climate Progress'

PBS April 2013 expose` on Mayflower Arkansas.

Watch Weighing Risks of Keystone Pipeline Extension After Spill on PBS. 

See more from PBS NewsHour.

Additional information about the Keystone Pipeline and various details related to its  administrative processes near past and eventual approval.

PEU Report  (2010) Good read!

Basically we feel the US public is being "rooked" into a much larger version of a transcontinental pipeline with even greater potential for accidents, environmental damage, and harm to people.

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