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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Obama: What Has He Done For The Nation? Lies Vs.Accomplishmentas

The following charts show the Right is lying about Obama's spending, deficit and jobs.

Political Wrinkles Dot Com

Chart 1: Obama's spending doesn't even come close to Bush 43.

Chart 2: Obama actually reduced the deficit more than Bush.

Chart 3: Obama created more jobs than Bush.

The facts don't lie. Read'em and weep, right wing liars!


"What has Obama done for us?"

A question that will not rest despite formidable data of an administration second to none in US History (for the standpoint of programs and legislation for the good of people).

I generally referthose folks to this link. For point of progress and perspective, I refer them to the another link,  that is over 9 months older. 

If they visit the links and if they read any of the president's accomplishments, I often hear little else. Well, I hear nothing from the "mantra deliverers" until their next dose from Fox News.

After their visit to Fox News, a good place to send them is here.  You will notice the site has language they may feel comfortable in reading and speaking as they view the interactive information. 

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